Saturday, September 17, 2005

Make your voice heard

Take your voice to DC.

Over 700 people were killed and injured in one just one day, just a few days ago, in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have suffered due to cuts on the funding for levy construction and management, in New Orleans. Funding that was diverted to Bush's war against Iraq. Let our government know that you do not support the path that they have taken our country onto.
Click HERE for buses that are going to DC from your state. Be part of the call for PEACE.
If you don't, then who will?????

and also, please call your Congressperson and ask them to support the re-introduced bill--Bill HB3760. It will establish a Department of PEACE and Nonviolence in our government. Make PEACE an organizing principle of our society. Be part of a society changing movement.
Have doubts that we could ever make PEACE a powerful voice in our government?

Well, at one point in our history, people doubted that slavery would ever be abolished, but it was. And at one point in our history, people doubted that women would ever have the right to vote, but they do. And at one point in history, people doubted that the sacrifice of humans would ever end.....but it did. These changes in society's thought patterns, and of what was acceptable, or the norm in human behavior, CHANGED. And they changed because enough of us KNEW that there had to be a better way. And for years, we pushed and pushed for the change against the behemoth. And we won.

Be part of the movement to move society forward. Think forward.
Call your congressperson--PUSH THEM INTO THE FUTURE.
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