Monday, September 05, 2005

Send Gas Cards!!!!!

Katrina is supposed to have hit an area in the Gulf states the size of Great Britain. The need is enormous, and the government looks like it is actively hampering the relief efforts. Here is the NOLA volunteer forum, as well as three citizen organizations that are helping, and that need help.

Hilltop Rescue in Slidell, La., needs volunteers and money. They say the area is safe, and that the media reports have been sensationalized---as usual--read what they have to say, and let's help them. excerpt "Unfortunately, the only news coming out of New Orleans is sensationalized; the media goes to the worst area, portraying everything in the worst possible light. We actually saw MSNBC stage a shot behind a reporter to make it look worse. We traveled all through Mandeville, Slidell, Covington, and the Mississippe Gulf Coast - it was all safe - no looting. "

Get Your Act On is delivering supplies to the Covington, La area, right outside of NO, where thousands of evacuees are still stranded. They need money. And, from her email, this news....( I tell you, the Bush savages want that land for some other purpose) from Andrea Garland:
After I sent out this morning's update, I received a call from a friend letting me know that he had just spoken to another friend, Mike, who is in the French Quarter - and that no such thing was happening in the French Quarter. So the good news is that these evacuations are not taking place throughout the city of New Orleans. The bad news is that, yet again, it appears that the poorest, mostly African-American neighborhoods are being targeted for this 'special treatment.'

and..CODEPINK is down in Covington, with the Veteran's for Peace


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