Saturday, September 03, 2005

send a letter to your Congressperson to " Hold Bush Accountable on Failed Katrina Response", HERE

and, while people drowned, Bush & Frist worked on repealing the Estate Tax.....tell them NO, HERE
the RudePundit captures IT
You'll be working in the darkness/
Against your fellow man/
And you'll find you're called to come forth/
So you'll scrub and you'll scrub/
But the trouble is, bud/
The blood it won't wash off/

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is plenty of blame to go around. True, the pres. is where the "buck stops", that comes with the territory. I am very upset on what I saw on t.v. It made me sick and I was angry and frustrated.
I want to know why the city did not provide any transportation out of the city for the poor and others that did not have transportation. There was plenty of warning that this could be the "big one"! The mayor should have known the demographics of the area of New Orleans which was in the flood zone. Maybe the Mayor is so angry because those around him did not do enough to ensure the safety of the forgotten ones.
I would like some answers on the slow response. What the heck happened.


12:37 PM  
Anonymous Piggy and Tazzy said...

I so wish i was an American citizen and could do something - anything - to get Bush held accountable.

As 'anonymous' said, the buck DOES stop with him. Sadly though, I don't think he realises it. If he does, he clearly doesn't give a shit.

The man is a disgrace. I truly hope that one day he knows the feeling of shame.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Medbh said...

I truly hope that he knows the feeling of shame, also, but I also, don't think he gives a shit.

His actions certainly screamed that loud and clear. As did his entire cabinet's. It was the levys that broke and caused the massive flooding that then caused the devastation. And Bush pulled the funding, that Clinton and set in place, to fix them. So, yes the buck stops with Bush, for many reasons...

8:06 PM  

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