Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stolen From BLondsense-As people drop, Condi Shops...

Let them some soggy flood cake, part TWO, or...Condi shops for shoes and enjoys the theatre while people die of thirst in New Orleans-----

"What does surprise us: Just moments ago at the Ferragamo on 5th Avenue, Condoleeza Rice was seen spending several thousands of dollars on some nice, new shoes . . . A fellow shopper, unable to fathom the absurdity of Rice’s timing, went up to the Secretary and reportedly shouted, “How dare you shop for shoes while thousands are dying and homeless!”

Never one to have her fashion choices questioned, Rice had security PHYSICALLY REMOVE the woman."Condi was seen at the theatre last night.Now, I groove Ferragamo more than non-shoe fetish type people could possibly understand. But this is ridiculous.

In all fairness, when Bush said his entire cabinet would be working on New Orleans, did anyone expect the Secretary of State--which is the foreign affairs, not domestic affairs office, to stop shopping and vacationing to help anyone? Please. She isn't into domestic affairs. She is into foreign affairs.It is in bad taste. She should be giving people, especially those who don't really understand what the Secretary of State does, the impression she cares even when she doesn't."


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