Thursday, September 29, 2005

there is no reason that these people have to go through this

----"County Judge Carl Griffith said today he has become so frustrated with the federal relief effort that he has instructed all local officials to use police force if they have to to take supplies from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
"If you have enough policemen to take it from them, take it," Griffith said.
His frustration comes as squabbling continues among federal, state and local over what some characterize as a woeful lack of communication."

Why does a county judge have to order this order? Why does he have to put his job on the line, because of the screw-ups of the Arabian horse crew and it's back-up horse handlers?

We AMERICANS have sent millions of dollars to the Gulf Coast to help our fellow citizen's--so WASSUP?????
oh, and let me REPEAT..


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