Friday, September 09, 2005

We are just average Americans

from the NOLA volunteer board..

can you join the convoy?
We are in need of volunteers who can donate their time and or equip, or both for the animal rescue effort going on in the City of New Orleans.

We are average American citizens that can no longer stand to watch the revolting images on our TV screens, our hearts are breaking. We are teachers, veterans, housewives, you name it. We are driving into Nashville, TN Saturday morning to leave for Memphis to pick up supplies at the Memphis Humane Soc.

Then we will be leaving that day to go down to the LA Humane Society and Bestfriends Animal Society in Tylertown, MS to volunteer, which is where the animals being rescued out of New Orleans are being taken to. We spoke to the pres of the LA Humane Soc. and they are welcoming us with open arms.

The people down there are exhausted and need some relief. We need large trucks and boats if any one can drive them straight down. Also building supplies, fencing, and the skills to build etc are needed. There are many animals that due to the standing water have not even been able to be reached due to lack of enough boats.

The call for boats is tremendous, we need help. Gas is now available down there, but you will need to bring all of your own personal supplies, such as a tent, waders, boots/gloves, water, food, no elec or water. Any donations of pet supplies are needed as well. Keep up the pressure with your emails, phone calls etc .

You may contact myself Donna Ferguson at 757-286-2710 or 252-232-0826 and you may also contact Kim Chambliss at 615-426-3092 or 615-793-3092 for details. UPDATE: THERE IS A WAREHOUSE IN MEMPHIS, NEED HELP FROM MEMPHIS AREA TO COMMUTE DOWN TO TYLERTOWN, MS. IT IS ALL FOR DOGS AND CATS THOUGH, WE NEED PEOPLE TO BRING SMALL MAMMAL / REPTILE / BIRD SUPPLIES TOO


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