Monday, September 05, 2005

Where is Cheney? Cheney is probably lining up construction contracts.

........Bush ignores prognostications of natural calamity but listens very hard for the possibilities of social calamity. Retaining corporate power and profit is Bush’s reason for being. Maintaining subordination of the many to the few is his business as usual. Cheney is probably lining up construction contracts.

That’s the subtext of Katrina and New Orleans. That’s why Bush and Co. reflexively marched lock step into incredible callousness. Accept business as usual as priority one and all that’s left is different brands of callousness. And then Bush’s media spinners have to sell Bush’s callousness.

So like rabid sociopaths they try what often works, being tough - "shoot the looters to kill" they bluster. Shoot people who are taking food and water and sharing it with those too old or too young to loot for themselves. Shoot the sick seeking medicine to survive.

Shoot, shoot, shoot. Don’t distribute what’s needed, heaven forbid. Defend empty stores. Defend empty hotels. Who cares about the living, after all, a lot of them will soon be dead and the rest silent.....Bush has bloody hands, but beyond Bush, the larger system of business as usual guaranteed a catastrophic response to this catastrophe. The accurate Katrina headline is:
Storm Hits, Capitalism Preserves Profits, Humanity Drowns.


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