Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Did your Congressional Rep take money from DeLay? Two of the Republican Congressmen from South Jersey Did! Tell them to return it!!!

The DeLay Rankings: how close is your representative to scandal-plagued Tom DeLay?
from the Public Campaign Action Fund..........

Tom DeLay is under an ethical cloud. He's being investigated for taking overseas golf trips and other junkets on the dime of front groups and shady lobbyists.

To his colleagues in Congress, though, he's a true sugar daddy.

Everybody "owes Mr. DeLay for something—a job, a piece of legislation, or a large campaign contribution," says The New York Times.
We've created a ranking based on how often they vote the way DeLay does, how much DeLay's PAC contributed to them, how much they've contributed to DeLay's legal defense fund, and so on.
–Urgent Action Alert: Demand outside counsel! –
and click this link to find out if your Congressional Rep took money from Delay.
According to the link, in NJ, Rep. Saxton took over $10,000, and Rep. LoBiondo took over $5,000, and Mike Ferguson took $42,000!
Did your Rep. in Congress take any money from DeLay? If they did, then Tell Them to Return it!


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