Saturday, October 08, 2005

Don't let anyone else DIE for a LIE

------------------"He started the message quoting an Associated Press story about a helicopter getting shot down near Tal Afar, killing one and wounding another. Bob then quoted his official report as part of the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team, sent in to bring back the OH58D Kiowa.

He detailed how they checked out the systems, noted the bullet holes through the cockpit windows, and how the helicopter was damaged but flyable. After the report, he added this, labeled "Other Thoughts":"I read a book many years ago called 'Chickenhawk', it was about UH-1 pilots in Vietnam.

I never thought I would encounter anything like they did in my life. However, I can now say I have. There was one section of the book that describes a pilot trying to fly an aircraft after his co-pilot was shot and there was blood everywhere.

Well, after last night I know what he meant. "There is no complete set of words that describes the feelings of trying to fly, after someone has bled all over a cockpit. When you're trying to inspect the aircraft for damage and you're having to touch, smell and see blood all over the floor, the seats, the instruments. The smell and sight are something you will never forget.

"When you have to strap into the aircraft and you are sitting on a wet seat from blood and water in an attempt to clean some of it off, it's indescribable. When you strap on shoulder harnesses that are blood soaked, and your feet are sticking to the blood on the floor, it's unforgettable.

When the power is turned on in the aircraft and the instruments light up, but are hard to read due to the blood spatters, it's a sight that is burned into your mind. These things are smells, sights, and feelings I pray my children never have to experience."

The pilot who died in that seat, Chief Warrant Officer Dennis Hay, left behind a wife, a 5-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter. "

the above is an excerpt from a column in the Nevada Appeal via this article in the Huffington Post. You should also watch this and then go and do this


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