Sunday, October 02, 2005

Recruitment in the schools, and the Schools Pay for the privilege.

These schools in South Jersey are on the JROTC waiting list....
Asbury Park H.S. Asbury Park NJ 07712 Navy
Barnegat Township H.S. Barnegat NJ 08005 Navy
Cherokee H.S. Evesham NJ 08053 Navy
Absegami High School Galloway NJ 08202-9553 Marines
Lower Cape May Regional H.S. Cape May NJ 08204-4637 Navy
Lacey Township H.S. Lanoka Harbor NJ 08734 Navy
Toms River H.S. East Toms River NJ 08753 Navy
Dr. Charles Brimm High School Camden NJ Army

note the distribution of the various military branches. The Army has targeted the high school in Camden, NJ, a city that is poor, predemoninately African-American and Latino. Kanye West is still on target.

Absegami, a middle class, predominately white, high school, though, has the eyes of the Marines on it. Not sure why the Navy has so many SJ schools targeted, although many of the ones that I see are located in towns located on or next to the Jersey Coast. The Navy is in Iraq, although I doubt if many of families of the kids who will be targeted by the Navy know that.

Why Question the Military's JROTC program?
"This doesn't happen in math classes, so why here? Military training glorifies war. Ninety percent of all JROTC programs train students to fire rifles or pistols. All of them drill with guns and teach military history, customs, traditions, and beliefs. In JROTC, too many kids learn, from example, that violence is acceptable.
JROTC Costs Districts Tens of Thousands of Dollars
While most school districts face budget shortfalls and cutbacks, JROTC drains resources from constructive programs. JROTC units cost districts about $50,000 per school and often require expensive modifications to school facilities. In the 1995-1996 school year, the New York City Board of Education spent $398,000; San Francisco spent $570,000; and Atlanta spent $1.5 million to subsidize the Pentagon."

---Are your area schools on the list, and if so, what can you do about it?
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