Tuesday, October 04, 2005

She's just a groupie who can now get off of her knees

medbh's take on the woman Bush appointed to the Supreme Court, a woman who is, yes a lawyer, but who has had no judicial experience...

Baby, you can get off of your knees now. Stand up. The man is rewarding you for all of that time down under.
She just has to be a groupie. Anyone who can call GWB the smartest man she has ever known is a groupie.
from wikpedia" A groupie is a person whose devotion to a person (usually a celebrity, especially a
rock and roll star) approaches the level of fanaticism.

bloggers have a more enlightened and detailed assessment of her appointment. Me, I prefer to take things to their basic level. She is just a Bush groupie who has been rewarded for many faithful years of ..service.. Yuk.

Now, Condi, on the other hand, is not just a down on your knees when the rock star needs it type of groupie. Unhuh. She is the type of groupie who is is the star's supplier.


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