Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A few short weeks ago, I took part in a vigil that marked the death of the 2000 th soldier killed in this war.

Over 60 more have died in the few short weeks since then.

2,060 American lives brutally lost, hundreds of Iraqi lives lost; so that George Bush and his base can gain a monopoly on Iraqi oil, so that oil companies can post massive profits, so that Halliburton and it's subsidiaries can rake in outrageously high profits, all paid for by our dollar.

Can we claim to be humans if we watch this unfold day after day and do nothing?
I guess so. We would be the same type of humans who gathered at lynchings, who watched human flesh burn at a stake on a church's order's, who debowled political prisoners, who gassed to death millions of people of the "wrong" faith at that point in time, who cut out the hearts, and cut off the scalps of other humans.....

what, you thought we were past this? we had evolved? civilized people didn't do this type of thing?

one year ago, in addition to everything else that was used to "cleanse" the city of Fallujah of insurgents, a killer named white phosphorous was also used. It melts human bodies. read about it here and then tell our government of reincarnated Inquisition torturers and similar ilk, that you want them to end this war, now, by going here


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