Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Give a Click and help our children grow up to be better educated than the adults currently pushing "Intelligent Design."

Teach Science, Not "Intelligent Design"
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Studies show that American children are falling behind children in other nations in their knowledge and understanding of science.

But instead of improving the quality of science education, movements across the country are trying to substitute ideology for fact in our classrooms. The freedom of religion and the quality of public education are being put to the test in Dover, Pennsylvania, where a landmark court case is shaping up, as schoolteachers rebel against being forced to teach creationism in their biology classrooms along with evolution.

At issue in Dover, PA, is a new policy requiring all ninth-grade biology teachers to read a statement on "Intelligent Design" before teaching evolution lessons. The district is believed to be the first in the country to require such a disclaimer. But the problem with this policy is that science is based on facts and testable predictions; religion is based on faith.

And unfortunately, "intelligent design" is no more than religious creationism dressed up with a new name. A quality science education teaches children to weigh evidence, think critically, and apply the scientific method to test theories. A study of "Intelligent design" does none of these things.

For the sake of our children and the competitiveness of our country, urge your state governor to defend the integrity of science education in our schools!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a science teacher I am completely convinced of the correctness of natural selection and will defend it. I have however sat through entirely too many lectures where adaptations and mutations are described as things that occurred to help improve some species living conditions as though evolution was a living creator. To hear most opponents of intelligent design speak you would think that evolution was their god. Many proponents of intelligent design are not Christians or even religious. They have decided that the mathematical probability of evolution isn't any more likely than an intelligent force, be it a "god" or the "force" from Star Wars. Most don't promote that this force is personal or active. The THEORY of evolution takes a new hit from new scientific research on a daily basis and takes as much faith to believe as any so-called religious belief in intelligent design.

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