Thursday, November 17, 2005

It is bizarre, that in AMERICA, we even have to do this, but, we must...please call your rep today

Emergency Action Alert: House could begin voting on budget bill this Thursday afternoon
Activists in key states must defeat the budget cuts with their phone calls!

You're receiveing this email because Representatives from your state are particularly crucial to defeating this budget package. If you have just one minute, please call moderate Republicans from your state (see list below) and demand/cajole/plead that they oppose this horrendous budget package.

ConnecticutJohnson: 202-225-4476Shays: 202-225-5541Simmons: 202-225-2076
DelawareCastle: 202-225-4165

IllinoisBiggert: 202-225-3515LaHood: 202-225-6201Manzullo: 202-225-5676Johnson: 202-225-2371Weller: 202-225-3635

MarylandBartlett: 202-225-2721Gilchrest: 202-225-5311

New JerseyFerguson: 202-225-5361Freylinghuysen: 202-225-5034LoBiondo: 202-225-6572Saxton: 202-225-4765Smith: 202-225-3765

New YorkBoehlert: 202-225-3665Fossella: 202-225-3371Kelly: 202-225 5441King: 202-225-7896Kuhl: 202-225-3161McHugh: 202-225-4611Sweeny: 202-225-5614Walsh: 202-225-3701

PennsylvaniaDent: 202-225-6411English: 202-225-5406Fitzpatrick: 202-225-4276Gerlach: 202-225-4315Murphy: 202-225-2301Peterson: 202-225-5121Platts: 202-225-5836Sherwood: 202-225-3731Weldon: 202-225-2011

VirginiaDavis, Jo Ann: 202-225-4261Davis, Tom: 202-225-1492Goode: 202-225-4711Wolf: 202-225-5136

Thanks to our advocacy and all of your hard work, last week's House vote was cancelled but is now being brought up again. The votes will be very close and we need to keep the pressure on in order to save these important human needs programs.

See below for more information.
Phone script:(Ask for the staff person who handles budget issues.) Please ask Representative __________ to stick up for [your state's] struggling families. Now is not the time to cut food stamps, Medicaid, student loans, school lunches, and foster care just to name a few.

I am horrified that the bill will require co-payments for children and pregnant women for the first time, despite evidence that higher costs for medical care cause low-income families with children to go without needed care. (Add a story from your state that makes your point.)
Thank you for making these phone calls.

Even if the person is not your own representative, you are most certainly a constituent of his/her state.
Background from last week's action alert:
On November 3, the Senate passed
its version of the budget reconciliation bill by a vote of 52 to 47.
The House is currently debating its own budget bill, which includes $54 billion in cuts. On the table are cuts of $9.5 billion in Medicaid, a total of $30 billion over ten years, achieved by requiring co-pays for children and pregnant women for the first time, despite evidence that higher costs cause low-income families with children to go without needed care. States will also be allowed to restrict benefits.
More info...
Also included are cuts of $8 billion in foster care, child support enforcement and aid to the disabled. Specifically, it would cut $730 million over 5 years from aid to poor seniors and to people with disabilities that prevent them from working. They would be forced to wait longer to become eligible for SSI and then forced to wait longer for the benefits that are owed to them. More info...
In addition, cuts of $844 million in the Food Stamps Program would prevent 300,000 people from receiving food stamps. Forty thousand children would no longer be able to receive reduced-price school lunches.

Lawmakers intend to follow these program cuts with another tax cut — $70 billion in tax cuts that will primarily benefit the top 3% of taxpayers. The message from Congress is that in response to Hurricane Katrina, they're going to cut services for the poor, cut taxes for the rich, and increase deficits for our children and grandchildren.

The vote will be close because our concerns have resonated BUT we must continue the pressure. They said it best in a Washington Post editorial today: "This is the moment for thoughtful Republicans in both chambers to draw a line."

Call Representatives from your state today demanding that they not cut aid to the poor, elderly, disabled, uninsured, hungry and homeless


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