Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Robin Hood in Reverse Bill--How could they approve a cut in taxes for the wealthy and leave everyone else to pick up that tab?

Tracey Conaty
Emergency Campaign for America’s Priorities

They had a choice to make, and they chose to leave America’s families behind.
Late last night, under cover of darkness, the Republican-led House revealed its contempt for working families by passing $50 billion in cuts to vital public services—for the sole purpose of funding $70 billion in additional tax breaks for the wealthy.

Click here to download the "wanted" poster featuring Republican "Robin Hoods in Reverse"
But the fight is not over. The GOP leadership managed to win this vote by cutting deals they can’t possibly keep and putting off the day of reckoning. When they return in a few weeks, the House and Senate will need to reach agreement on a final budget.

It’s not over yet—we’ll keep up the pressure over the next few weeks to get them to do the right thing for America’s families. We will not stand for the immoral agenda of stealing from the poor and middle class to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

The poster above is of the moderate Republicans who caved in to their leadership and voted against the interests or working people.

Post it at work, pass it out to your colleagues or forward it to your friends—let people see what these “Robin Hoods in Reverse” look like. --I see at least two of the bunch are local NJ congressmen, Jim Saxton and Frank LoBiondo--tell them what you think of their vote!!


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