Tuesday, November 08, 2005

When the world hears you say, "I am an American," what image will they associate those words with?

a Blondesense thought for today's world travelers who are also American citizens

Deep Pocket of Inhumanity
If you work for a large company and while at work you do something to harm a citizen, most likely you will be sued. And, if the lawyer for the harmed citizen chooses to do so, he or she may sue the company that you work for, because the company has the deep pockets.

The deep pocket meaning they have more money to sue for than you do. This is based on the theory that since you were an agent of the company at the time you harmed the citizen the ultimate responsibility for the harm goes to the company. Ladies and gentlemen we are ultimately responsible for the harm that has been done to this country.

Just like the large company, we didn’t actually take part in the harm, but we have the most to lose and the ultimate responsibility for the damages. We have the deep pockets and we will suffer when the verdict comes back on whether the US has tortured other human beings. From all the evidence we have seen so far, it doesn’t look good for us.

When we travel to foreign countries the citizens of those countries aren’t going to look at us and remember that Lynndie England dragged a detainee around with a dog leash. They’re going to remember that an American committed that obscene act. That’s our future.Even the idea of connecting the word “torture” with our country is a repulsive thought.

It shakes the senses and turns the stomach. Could there be a more horrid crime than treating human beings inhumanely and even causing death. It’s being done in our name.

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