Sunday, November 13, 2005

With gas prices topping $3.00 a gallon earlier this fall and a war raging in the Middle East, you'd think that our government has plenty of reasons to start taking serious steps to improve the fuel economy of our nation’s automobiles.

But just weeks after the gasoline price hikes associated with Hurricane Katrina, President Bush’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) proposed changes to federal fuel economy standards that would likely increase our dependence on foreign oil, not reduce it.

Take action! Shockingly, the NHTSA’s proposal would continue to exempt large gas-guzzlers like the Hummer H2 from compliance with fuel efficiency standards. This loophole would continue to give a free pollution pass to the biggest offenders on the road and undermine efforts to improve America’s fuel economy.

Americans can’t afford to wait any longer for better fuel economy. It’s time to give the auto industry incentives to produce vehicles that are more energy efficient, not less!

This is your chance to tell the government that you want standards that bring us better vehicle choices, not more gas-guzzling models that take advantage of regulatory loopholes. NHTSA will be accepting public comments only until November 21st, so please send your email message today!


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