Thursday, December 22, 2005

The medbh blog has been sleeping lately. Her author has been so busy actively working for PEACE, that writing has been something accomplished only in dreamtime.

sooo, medbh may give up the ghostess, but may be resurrected in another form, sometime in 2006.

In the meantime, here is a vid --
about the Department of PEACE campaign, which medbh actively supports. If you, as the Congressman from Arizona in the vid does, think that establishing a Federal level Department of Peace in our American government, is just a naive idiocy.....

Well, then, think of this---at one point in our human history, slavery was accepted and commonplace. Who argued against this, and who continues to advocate for PEACE and non violent methods to resolve international and national conflicts??--the Quakers.

At one point in our human history, decapitation via a guillontine was accepted and commonplace.
At one point on our human history, cutting off a male child's testicles was accepted and commonplace. Hey--the Church needed sopranos for their magnificent choirs.........

At one point in our history, breaking a human's bones on a "rack" was an accepted form of a CHURCH.

At one point in our history, tying someone to a wood pole and then burning them alive was an accepted form of punishment---by a CHURCH.

well, the list of inhuman atrocities visited on our human bodies by governments and churches is endless.

You get the pic. Let's take our present society to a higher level. PLEASE.

Tell your Congressperson and your Senator that you want the American government to take the lead in sponsoring a Department of Peace and Non-Violence, HERE.
and, some notable blogpoints you should review--HERE and HERE

PEACE to you, and Peace out,


Blogger Pax Romano said...

Come back, Medbh, we need you!!

8:14 PM  
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