Saturday, February 19, 2005

Blogger is bugging again and the GODVERNMENT OF 2005!

Just a quick note, as blogger is bugging on me again, I am leaving in a few hours, for three weeks, to Central America, and I have been unable to post on several issues that need your support. I am going to try and post just the links.
A big one is of course, the ongoing war in Iraq, and the fact that Bush requests more money for a continual war, while he slashes veteran's benefits, and bathes Halliburton, et al in our American dollars. His priorities are so disgusting, it is well, disgusting.

and here, is another very important subject on a battle on the west coast, to have the words Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, put back into the name of a conference for Suicide prone LGBT teens.
The BUSH administration is forcing the organizers of the conference to take out LGBT. They are using the same tactic that was used on NPR re the Buster episode--WHO is funding you, the government, or in 2005--the GODVERNMENT!!!

What I found especially appalling was this:
"Studies show that LGBT suicide rates are three times higher than the national norm, with suicides among teens the highest.
But the name change was not the only thing the Administration called for. It also wanted a session on faith-based suicide prevention."

more from the article

"We find this behavior on the part of our government intolerable," Bloodworth wrote in an e-mail to colleagues that called for the government to "end this shameful marginalization of an already marginalized at-risk population." The pressure on conference organizers by the Administration was slammed by gay rights advocates.
"It is unconscionable for politics to get into the way of life and death health care gay LGBT young people," Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Steven Fisher told"

It is unconsciousable that our GODVERNMENT would hinder help for LGBT teens. Maybe if Jeff Gannon/Duckert had some counseling as a teen, he wouldn't have turned out so f*ed up at 40.

Yes, fight back, and if you haven't been to Pax Romano's blog, go there, and check out the Canadian Prime Minister's speech on their Civil Marriage Act.
got to go!


*Call your Congress member in Washington, DC and demand they say NO WAY to another $82 billion for war and destruction. *Call your Congress member’s district office and schedule a meeting during the Congressional recess next week to talk about the endless stream of money that’s being poured into Iraq.

Dear Medbh,
Why is there ALWAYS money when it comes to war and NEVER enough when it comes to people’s basic human needs? This Monday George W. Bush asked for another $82 billion (!!!) for war and destruction in the form of an emergency supplemental funding request to Congress. $61 billion of the total is for the Iraq war, which would bring total spending on the war to almost $210 billion! This money is in addition to the $2.5 trillion budget request Bush made to Congress last week, which proposed to slash critical social programs and increase military spending. If this isn’t enough to raise your blood pressure to CODEPINK alert level, consider these tidbits:
* While Bush is claiming that this money is needed to “support the troops”, his budget would slash veterans’ access to healthcare by increasing fees for prescription drugs and access to VA facilities, even as thousands of injured soldiers streaming back from Iraq and Afghanistan.
*The amount of money that’s being spent on endless war could easily pay for the community programs – from public libraries to hospitals to train service – that are about to be eliminated because of state and local budget shortfalls. For concrete examples of what these war funds could pay for in your state or city, see
*There seems to be no accountability whatsoever for the $153 billion already appropriated for the Iraq war. That money didn’t go toward purchasing sufficient body armor and equipment for the U.S. troops, but it did go to line the pockets of Halliburton and its subsidiary KBR. The U.S. also can’t account for how it spent Iraq’s money – the Coalition Provisional Authority (the occupation authority in Iraq) “lost” $9 billion during its tenure.
HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: * Call the congressional switchboard right now, and ask to be connected with your representative, 202-224-3121 (9-5 EST). Find out who your representatives are at both medbhsings, and at medbhletters
Tell Congress to:
1) Oppose new funds: Congress should halt new funds for U.S. military operations in Iraq. Any new funds should be allocated solely for troop withdrawal and interim troop protection.
2) Support amendments to the appropriations bill that call for an end to the occupation and support Iraqi sovereignty.
3) Provide real support for our troops by ending the “stop loss” policy that’s the equivalent of a back-door draft and insisting on adequate health care and other benefits for Iraq war veterans and their families. * Call the district office of your member of congress and schedule an in-district meeting. We want to show Congress members the opposition to war that exists in their home districts. Please call your Representative today and ask for a meeting during recess, between Feb. 21 and 25. We encourage you to collaborate with other peace groups in your community. Check to see if a meeting has already been scheduled in your district by going to If no meeting is listed, please call your district office, make an appointment, and invite other peace groups in your area to attend the meeting with you. Be sure to post the information about your meeting on the United for Peace and Justice website calendar at (select the "$80 billion/Congressional visits" calendar category). You can find the district office information for your Representative here: Whether you get a meeting or not, take a list of questions (on pink paper, of course) to your Congress member’s office next week, during the Congressional recess, and demand some answers. See for some key questions.

This $82 billion is only going to lead to an ongoing U.S. military presence in Iraq, which is not the solution to Iraq’s security problems; it is part of the problem. Our soldiers are dying, Iraqis are dying, and things are much, much worse this year for regular Iraqis than they were at this time last year – elections or no elections. We can’t keep pouring money into this tragic mess. It’s time for us to stop the bungling and the interference and let the Iraqis find the solutions to the problems we’ve created. In peace,Andrea, Carol, Claire, Dana, Gael, Jodie, Medea, TiffanyFebruary 17, 2005

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Blogger has been down since last Friday. They changed the set up of their comments section, and knocked numerous people off of blogger while doing that, how you ask? Who knows? This little episode has made Medbh quite leery of blogger, though, so she has been reviewing other blog hosts, and found a few who not only appear much more stable than blogger, but easier on the eye. I will be changing up the blogs in about a month.
So, sorry that I haven't posted, but blogger bugged, and I wasn't able to!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

--Alert---I don't know if this post will go through, Blogger is having issues----Hopefully, this post on Hotel Rwanda will be readable. If not, forget about reading blogs, tonite--GO see the movie instead!!

Last Saturday, I watched Hotel Rwanda, the story of Paul Rusesabagina's attempt to save hundreds of people who were escaping the genocide that erupted in Rwanda, in 1994. How he managed to shelter all of those people, and keep them safe, is the basis for this incredible film.

There is a riveting scene in the film where, as the Rwandans taking refuge in Hotel M. desperately await some sort of assistance from the European and American governments, they are introduced to the apathy of the people they are desperately waiting on assistance from.
People are huddled in a room in the Hotel, listening to the radio, hoping for some word on help, as the slaughter gets ever closer. What they hear is an American ambassador lobbying back and forth the definition of genocide with a reporter. The word is lobbied back and forth with the intensity and delicacy of a ball in a world class tennis match. If the killings in Rwanda are deemed genocide, then America may be obliged to intercede. If not, then it is just another tragedy..... So, Ms. Ambassador, "how many killings are necessary to constitute a genocide?"

If the producers only wanted to show what occurred in Rwanda in 1994, and it's effect on the people there, on a personal level, they did an excellent job. If their point was to show how European governments have strode into the continent of Africa, and have, under the guise of imperialism, taken what they could, and then abandoned the African population, well, that was hinted at. The basis for the slaughters in Africa, the basis that falls at the feet of those countries who have exploited the resources of Africa, and it's people, and who have left it susceptible to the type of inhuman horrors that are still in the news today, that is only hinted at.

Either way, Hotel Rwanda is an amazing flick that keeps you spellbound. People in the theatre did not move during it. No up and down for popcorn and snacks during Hotel Rwanda. It pulls you in and keeps you there. Hotel Rwanda is not gory; the producers did not pursue a shock and awe mentality. They did not drive their point home with blood, but with a subtlety that, when they did play their point, made your heart drop into your chest.
It's meaning floated in the practical, polite, and grammatically correct speech of the star of the movie, Don Cheadle. His acting was so perfect, so moving in it's quietness, and in his almost imperceptible facial movements that drove home the thoughts racing through his mind, that any obligatory violence was not necessary. His performance should, in a perfect world, place an Oscar in his hands. If I had voting rights, I know whom I would vote for.

I read a review of Hotel Rwanda in Saloon magazine before I wrote mine. I needed to check what I was feeling against the thoughts of someone else who had seen the movie
Mainly because there is a scene in Hotel Rwanda where Nick Nolte goes overboard while speaking with Don Cheadle's character.
I think that the producers meant for Nick Nolte's words to represent a tough talking, man to man, in your face reality, type conversation. But, I thought that it exposed the producers, no matter how good their intent in making this film was, well, it exposed their prejudice. Or, I don't know, maybe it is how men do relate to each other. But I still thought it was crude, rude, and insulting.
Considering how well the rest of the movie was scripted, that dialogue between Nick Nolte and Don Cheadle, is out of place. And it completely ignores how Don Cheadle played the main character. His strength, intelligence, insight, knowing, and compassion, were not recognized in that scene. It was an insult, not only in the words that were used, but also in the fact that the producers did not realize their insult. That they did not recognize that Paul Rusesabagina already guessed that he and the people of Rwanda were being abandoned. And that he already knew the reasons why. He had lived with those reasons his entire life. Were Nick Nolte's words intended for Paul R., or for the rest of the world?
The Saloon reviewer fell right into the tough guy talk trap. He considered that conversation between Nolte and Cheadles's character as crucial to the film. I didn't. If you watch the movie, you will know what scene I am referencing. It was derogatory. There are other ways to express yourself in times of crisis. Less SELFISH ways. Especially if you are the head of the UN force in a foreign country. Stop thinking about how YOU feel, and start thinking about what you can do to help, quickly.
And speaking of not needed, I like Nick Nolte, but…couldn't they have found someone else for that role? He does sort of redeem himself somewhat later in the movie, but…couldn't they have found someone else?

Joaquin Phoenix has an interesting role in Hotel Rwanda. He plays a cameraman sent down with a news crew to investigate the depth of the situation. His character, ultimately, was a microcosm of the world's reaction to the genocide in Rwanda. JP's performance, though, was flawless. And it lightly touched, along with one other scene in the film, on another issue prevalent in Africa, and in the world. On the subjugation of a woman to a man. On the value that is placed on a woman's life and sexuality in relation to a man's. Reflecting on the individuals who commit the violence, and the victims of that violence, it is always women and children who are left the most cruelly off, in the wars that men wage. But, that is a whole nother subject.

I think that the most disturbing aspect of HOTEL RWANDA, is that it is still so relevant today, over ten years later.

I hope that I do not turn you off from seeing the movie. EVERYONE should see this movie. Besides being a well-told and moving documentary, it is a story of hope and resoluteness in the face of adversity, a story of friendship, and yes, of the extraordinary courage that human beings, in so many parts of the world, display everyday.
Most importantly, it is a story of love. It is love that drives us to care about a stranger, to care for our friends, our family. Love will triumph in the end. And hopefully this movie will awake in everyone who sees it, a sense of humanity and solidarity with the people of Africa, of South America, of Asia, of all the areas in the world where horrific brutality erupts and devastates the ordinary people existing there. May we all find the love in our hearts for those people, so that we can then find the courage to try and alleviate and change the horror that greed and madmen wreck. We are more numerous than the madmen.

To that end, here is more info on ways in which you can help end the ongoing humanitarian crisises in Africa:
Doctors without Borders
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
Human Rights First
Hotel Rwanda, shouldn't still be relevant, today. Maybe that is the actual message that the producers of this movie were trying to make.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Urge the President to Establish an Independent Commission on Torture

Take Action
From Human Rights First "The government has commissioned a variety of investigations, but these investigations suffer from flaws both in design and execution that leave important gaps in our understanding of why U.S. detention and interrogation operations led to so many instances of torture and abuse. Human Rights First has written a report on these gaps called Getting to Ground Truth – Read our report.
We believe that only an independent commission – much like the 9/11 Commission – can uncover the truth and make sure torture never again happens in America’s name.
Urge the President to commit – immediately and publicly "

Read the Human Rights First, U.S. Law And Security Report

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Important videos to watch, and then, maybe it's off to Ireland, France? Belgium? Belize?

Thank you Bush & Co., the world needed this.....

From the NY Times:
North Korea Says It Has Nuclear Weapons and Rejects Talks.......Pyongyang said it has "manufactured nukes for self-defense to cope with the Bush administration's undisguised policy to isolate and stifle" North Korea, and that it will "bolster its nuclear weapons arsenal.....But in today's statement, Pyongyang zeroed in on Dr. Rice's testimony last month in her Senate confirmation hearings, where she lumped North Korea with five other dictatorships, calling them "outposts of tyranny."

Ahh, the diplomatic skills of Dr. Rice, the cowboy swagger of our President......let the wars begin, eh Bush Administration?

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A Tibetan Prayer Flag. It is Beautiful. I have one hanging on my balcony. It is odd how people of diverse cultures and beliefs often practice those beliefs in a similar manner. When I was in Ireland, many of the "Holy Wells" I visited had a tree or bush near by, that the faithful there had tied bits of brightly colored cloth onto. The numerous colors waved in the wind, sending their prayers out into the world, and beyond.

It is the Tibetan New Year, also

We celebrated the Chinese New Year today. According to the Chinese calendar, it is the year 4072, or 3, depending on who is counting. I have seen both years listed as this coming year. This coming year is also the year of the Rooster. Aka the Green Wood Chicken Year. The Chinese use an intricate system to define the characteristics of the various years. The Five elements add other dimensions to the characteristics of the various year's animal signatures. For instance, I am a metal monkey. I kind of like being a metal monkey.

Tomorrow, it is Losar, or the celebration of the Tibetan New Year. This year will be the year of the Wood Hen.

Wear some red for good luck, and, Happy New Year!

I'm Ready to Die

"I'm ready to die" the young man said. And no, he is not a Muslim extremist.

The U.N.
reports on conditions in Afghanistan

Fallujah, today
More on Fallujah
Why isn't this reported in our mainstream media?

"Will Democracy Survive the Media?"
Will we?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The media didn't include this one in with the inaugural parade shots of the Daisy Belles....

Oh, My GOD
"leave my Girlfriend alone!" --from BUSHFLASH

new medbhletters up! Protect Our Children's Health - Support Real Sex Education/Help End Election Fraud/Protect Human Rights Activists!/Send a letter requesting your favorite magazine or paper spotlight the Iraq Vets Against the War!

The GWB thinks deeply on yet another issue---how can he save companies from asbestos litigation?????

"A federal grand jury here indicted W.R. Grace & Co. and seven current and former company officials Monday on charges of conspiring to hide from employees, their families and the public that ore mined near Libby, Mont., was contaminated with a toxic form of asbestos. "The Story, HERE
from the WhiteHouse...."The President Participates in Asbestos Litigation Conversation"
".......And finally, we're here to talk about asbestos lawsuits. We got a problem. The Supreme Court recognized it as a problem. They said it is a huge mass of -- huge mass of asbestos cases defies customary judicial administration and calls for national legislation. That's a better -- it's better that they define it than me. After all, these are all lawyers and judges; I'm not.(medbh note--but you are the f**ing president) But when they say -- the Supreme Court says we have a national problem, I think Congress needs to listen. And why is it a national problem?
Well, first of all, we spend about $80 billion on asbestos litigation, and that could end up being $200 billion over time.(medbh note--dude, GOOD guess!) Secondly, these asbestos suits have bankrupted a lot of companies, and that affects the workers here in Michigan and around the country. Thirdly, those with no major medal {sic} impairment now make up the vast majority of claims, while those who are truly sick are denied their day in court. We'll hear a little bit about that -- we'll hear more about that a little bit later. _(mn..-make up your mind..)
It's a -- most of the asbestos producers are now bankrupt so that lawyers target companies once considered too small to sue, or once considered to be not really directly involved with the manufacturing of asbestos. Because there's nobody else to sue, they try to drag in people that aren't directly involved with the manufacturing of asbestos. We'll hear about what that means here, as well."
Several years ago, I had a friend who was inordinately happy and healthy. He watched everything that he ate, lifted weights, participated in all types of sports.
He stopped over one day, very excited. He had found a job that paid a lot of money, and he was able to travel around. It was with a company that repainted, refinished, something like that, the concrete floors of huge buildings, ware houses, whatever. He was able to travel up and down the East coast, refinishing the floors of various company's buildings. Well, if it made him happy, and it did, then I was happy for him.

He was dead in less than two years. It seems that some of the paints used for the concrete floors had particles in them that got stuck in human lungs. No-one knew of the dangers, and so the crew my friend worked with never wore masks, while working. And then they began to get sick

Some of the other guys got sick before my friend, and the company that they worked for went bankrupt, quickly. My friend tried to sue the paint manufacturers, but they went bankrupt. There was no company left that could be held liable for his deadly illness. He became sicker with each day. He couldn't breathe. No malignancies, which GWB states are the only real and true measure of asbestos poisoning, like he would actually know. Just articles floating in his lung tissue, destroying his ability to breathe.

Despite several different attempts to rid my friend's lungs of the particles, the doctors finally gave up. So then my friend took a rope and went into the woods near his home and hung himself. He was 32.
But hey, the GWB knows all, now doesn't he?

a leopard can't change his spots......a tiger can't change his stripes can't teach an old dog new tricks.....once a thief, always a thief........
Was he a wired liar?????

Was he wired in all three debates? Well, it's either that, or he has a funky thing for snakes............Why did the NY Times kill this story about Bush being wired 3x??

Was he a Wired Liar?

FAIR is reporting that the NY Times killed a story that might have prevented Bush from being re-elected. Remember the wire chatter? It was obvious that he had something attached to his back area. Click on the link below, to check out what Mother Jones reports on this issue.They have numerous pics of the snake hump in question, also. The Bush camp claimed that it was a "poorly tailored shirt." Well, they lie through their teeth, and through major orifices so much, that it was probably easy to come up with that lame excuse. Although, aside from thinking that the American public is both dimwitted and half blind, that particular excuse makes Bush and his crowd seem pretty white trash, to me, at least.
but then, in his crowd--see a few posts below-- maybe that's the norm. We got jeebus, and sum wrinkly clothes, too.
From Mother Jones:
"While the mainstream media for the most part failed to press the matter further, Charles Gibson of ABC's Good Morning America show, in an interview with the president, did ask him for an explanation. Bush replied that the bulge had been the result of a "poorly tailored shirt." Gibson didn't press the matter, and didn't ask about the bulges that were evident during the subsequent debates.
A call to the Bush campaign press office on Oct. 29 elicited the same response: it was a badly tailored shirt. "

Could the fact that he wore what was obviously some type of device, at each debate, change things now? It can't hurt to try and see if it would, right! Write letters! I will have some up soon in medbhletters. Tell your congressmen and senators that you want an investigation into why this story was not published, when it very well could have helped to turn the election.

Even more importantly, though, WHY is our media afraid, if that is the reason, to report anything negative about GWB? Why, they went after Clinton with a vengeance, because he had sex, or semi sex, or whatever! GWB can start pre-emptive wars, dismantle social security, threaten other countries with bloody freedom..AND NO_ONE challenges him... WHY?

not even the Kerry camp challenged him on the "snakes." WHY?

His speeches are so bogus, so full of inane rhetoric, and yet every major newspaper I read swallows up that crap. WHY? Demand an investigation into the wiring. We have to force our media to give back the money they've been taking.........Either that, or help them to stand up to what ever is causing them so much fear..Read below.

from Mother Jones..

"Nelson says that for several weeks he has tried to interest the major media outlets in photos he had worked on from the first debate, to no avail.
He says he offered the photos at no charge to the Los Angeles Times, which "sat on them for four days" and never returned his phone call. He claims he also offered them to the New York Times, "and they promised a story which was ready to go last Thursday when it was yanked at the last minute by higher ups." Finally, he says he offered his photos of the first debate to the Washington Post. Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward, he says, called him personally. "He said it would take too long for him to clear these images with his editors and he encouraged me to go to Salon."
"I'm just really ticked that editors are saying they have to know what it is before they'll ask the White House about it," says Nelson. "That's way too high a threshold for pursuing this story."
Jeffrey Klein, a former Mother Jones editor, says, "The current fear factor among American political reporters is greater than anything I've ever witnessed. Having spoken with more than a dozen journalists, I've heard a variety of excuses for why they won't or can't pursue this story. The excuses range from 'Kerry isn't making an issue of this so how can I?' (Time magazine) to 'The paper has clamped down on anti-Bush stories. Nothing about the bulge is going to run here before the election.' (The Wall Street Journal).

Why are they afraid?

Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm Egypt?

A Tuesday Diversion......
From over at Matt's World, there is a link to this little "what country are you?" quiz. I took it, and I'm Egypt..

-----You're Egypt! Curator of ancient mystical secrets, your life on the surface is fairly typical these days. Though you are in denial about more things than most people. Nevertheless, you're trying to convince people that you're safe despite your more volatile and unstable times that seem to be behind you. You like cats a whole lot. You'd probably really appreciate
The Blue Pyramid.------

suffer the littlest children....

from CNN
2/2/05----"NEW YORK (AP) -- City health officials are investigating the death of a baby boy who was one of three infants to contract herpes after a rabbi circumcised them................Under Jewish law, a mohel -- someone who performs circumcisions -- draws blood from the circumcision wound. Most mohels do it by hand, but Fischer uses a rare practice where he uses his mouth."
fr. this link

How, why, WTF? Why would you let someone do this to your child? I have over the years developed a deep loathing of major world religions. They are all male dominated, and male dominated religions are based in prejudice and violence. When you are baptised in the belief that an entire gender is better than the only other gender on earth, it is just a skip and a hop away to deciding what other categories of humans also fall into the "other" category. That "other" category of humans, who are worth less than you.
Why would anyone base their life on an old book that is out and out based in bigotry? What is so damn holy about that belief? What is so holy about a belief system that encourages violent practices in the name of all that is holy? THROW the old books out! ALL of them. We need new spiritual practices that encompass all of humanity and are based in peace and equality. At least one benefit of a new "book" would be that an infant wouldn't wind getting his penis cut by sick old men.

The Blessed Followers of DOG

Because it is the day after Sunday, because Sunday, bloody sunday, is the day of the week when the most incidents of Domestic Violence occur, and because this , "In Praise of Spankings For Teenage Boys"made me cry.
From their "About Us" section..
" is a Christian based parenting website devoted to the proper raising of children through Biblical teachings. We believe that it is a Christian parent's responsibility to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord. As such, we support such things as Biblical discipline (also understood to mean the proper use of corporal punishment, i.e., spanking) when it is needed to correct acts of willful disobedience and misbehavior.
In addition, we support the rights of parents to raise their children the way that they see fit, and according to their beliefs. We are concerned about what our youth are being taught in our public school systems today, and are strong supporters of parents' rights to homeschool their children.
We see the mass media as a very powerful force for good in this country, yet we feel it is too leftist oriented and that the message it is sending to our children is a dangerous one.
We believe in minimalist intervention of government into the lives of families, and therefore oppose such things as the abuses committed by the Child Protective Services System in the United States, and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

the link, and yet more rabid dogs, at Jesus General
"In addition, we support the rights of parents to raise their children the way that they see fit, and according to their beliefs." medbh note--"yes you rabid dog, your leg bone is connected to you, and you will chew on it as you see fit, and you, as will most rabid dogs, fight anyone who trys to make you stop chewing on, and destroying, your own damn leg."

Sunday, February 06, 2005

I think that we will be spreading that "crude" version of democracy to Iran, soon..

Halliburton wins drilling tender in Iran
* The company insists it is not illegal for it to work in Tehran* more about the company that our vice president used to head, here...

Because it's Sunday -----Moonies knee-deep in faith-based funds --Pushing celibacy, marriage counseling under Bush plan

"At the Oakland seminar, Josephine Hauer, a graduate of the Rev. Moon's Unification Theological Seminary in New York and a newly hired "marriage specialist" with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, worked the crowd of ministers and church workers packed into a stuffy room."
Here is the rest of the looney moonies story. I wonder how many of our tax dollars the US Marriage Specialist is being paid? I didn't know the US government had "marriage specialists." I want to apply for that job. I've been married twice, I should at least qualify for an entry level position.....

what do you get the pedophile who has everything?

--his own congregation----

from the Observer
"Catholic hero now faces Vatican inquiry ---Mexican founder of secret order at centre of child abuse allegations. It was nearly 50 years ago, but José Barba winces as he remembers Father Marcial Maciel, founder and icon of the Legion of Christ, the secretive Roman Catholic order said to be second only in papal influence to Opus Dei." the blue link for the rest of the sad story....

A SUNDAY Message From God, to the evangelicals, fundamentalists, reich wing, really weird catholics, really weird christians, et al

Wither Thou Goest, I Shall Go
And Where You Stay, I Shall Stay
Thy People Shall be My People And Thy God, My God
Where Thou Diest, I Will Die And There Will I Be Buried
May God Do So To Me, and More Also
If Anything But Death Should Separate Us
Ruth To Naomi Ruth 1:16-17 Old Testament
Kirk Anderson
from ZDNET check this site out! EarthLinks

Saturday, February 05, 2005

from the notsorrynoteverybody site, a Bush supporter..

New Republic Writer Calls For Anti-Bush Left-Wingers To Be Killed

---The words "libelous" and 'the New Republic" have a proud history of walking arm-in-arm. Now, in the esteemed tradition of [former TNR writer who peddled fiction as fact] Stephen Glass, The New Republic has stooped to a new low, publishing a piece that calls for violence, torture, and even death for leading leftists who dare oppose Bush's war on terror and the slaughter in Iraq."
from a link at tvnewslies
I have read other bizarre right wing and bizarre right wing xian postings. They are..bizarre. What I find upsetting, frightening, about this article, is the connection to the reality of what I experienced and saw, when I protested in DC on J20. No-one, not the scads of police, nor the bush-supporters who may have had a slight lean to "normality" intervened to assist.
notsorrynoteverybody is a site that takes a glimpse into the mindset of the new republic type freepers.

yet more..
this christian wants us to conquer mexico----
thoughts on conquering our neighbor to the south

Beheadings bad for retention rates

"They have been lying about their numbers in order to get more money," she read from the message, which an aide said was sent this year. "
would YOU join the Iraqi national Guard?
Isn't the basis for our troops pulling out of Iraq dependent on the Iraqi's having a competent military force?--mm, yes, I did hear Ms. Rice for brains say that a few times.
"let them eat donuts, "said the reign man, and his queen

Just a little something for a Sat. morn, from Betty

Subject: Three Good Points>>> Zero Gravity
When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ball-point pens would not work in zero gravity. To combat this problem, NASA scientists spent a decade and $12 billion developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside-down, on almost any surface including glass and at temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 300 C.
The Russians used a pencil.
Your taxes are due again--enjoy paying them.

Our Constitution
"They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it's worked for over 200 years and hell, we're not using it anymore."

Ten Commandments
The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a Courthouse! You cannot post "Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery" and "Thou Shall Not Lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians! It creates a hostile work environment.

thank you Betty,, I started my day with a chuckle!

Rumsfeld concedes violence in Iraq is likely to persist

??excuse me??
From the
Financial Times "Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, said on Thursday that the completion of successful elections in Iraq was unlikely to lead to a decrease in violence.
Mr Rumsfeld said he doubted that the election would change the minds of extremists who have been mounting the insurgency against the US-led coalition forces since last year.

'I expect that level of violence and insurgency to continue," Mr Rumsfeld, who last year described the insurgents as a few 'dead-enders', said at a press briefing."
soo, why is this statement being made in The Financial Times? could this be referencing the early 04 Bremer dinars frenzy?........can't cash them in yet, guys... could it also be that Halliburton hasn't yet maxed out enough of a profit to cover their costs over the recent suit payouts? Why exactly did the US push for these elections to be held? For the happy happy kittens coverage?

----"Mr Rumsfeld also told reporters he had not decided whether to attend an important security conference in Munich next week. One factor influencing his decision, he said, was a lawsuit filed in Germany by the US-based Center for Constitutional Rights accusing him of war crimes over Abu Ghraib.
I wouldn't go if I were you, DR

Earlier Thursday Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy defence secretary, rejected claims by some Democrats that the US occupation was encouraging Iraqis to join a “nationalist insurgency”.
“Our enemy in Iraq is not the Iraqi people . . . It is an unholy alliance of old terrorists and new terrorists,” Mr Wolfowitz told the Senate armed services committee.

--an unholy alliance of old and new terrorists---aren't you a member of PNAC, Mr. Wolfowitz? The kettle should quit calling the pot black.

support CODEPINK and Human Rights First--indict them, get them out of the seats of power

Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm with ya, kid

"First lady Laura Bush addresses a class entitled Passport To Manhood" -blahblahblah

oh, BTW, Dear....a few posts below, there's a shot of your daughter at the unaugural fest, in a somewhat compromising position, and, um, a young man is intently having a hickey hoedown on her neck. For her sake, I do hope you told her more about sex than, "It's all about the Abstinence........"

Oops, this just in, "Abstinence Only Sex Education Proves Futile with Texas Teenagers" ---naaah, ya think? I bet it proves just as futile in the 49 other states, too! How much money was spent on that study?

--and why is LB discussing a Passport To Manhood, anyway??

What I Heard About Iraq
......."On 11 September 2001, six hours after the attacks, I heard that Donald Rumsfeld said that it might be an opportunity to ‘hit’ Iraq. I heard that he said: ‘Go massive. Sweep it all up. Things related and not.’

......"I heard that Condoleezza Rice asked: ‘How do you capitalise on these opportunities?’

......."I heard that on 17 September the president signed a document marked top secret that directed the Pentagon to begin planning for the invasion and that, some months later, he secretly and illegally diverted $700 million approved by Congress for operations in Afghanistan into preparing for the new battle front.

......."In February 2002, I heard that an unnamed ‘senior military commander’ said: ‘We are moving military and intelligence personnel and resources out of Afghanistan to get ready for a future war in Iraq.’---is that why there are suddenly reports that the US may pull 15,000 troops out of Iraq? So that we can then use them to invade Iran? Why would the military right now be requesting to extend the two year active duty requirements of the National Guard, to possibly four years, if we are sending 15,000 troops home, and not somewhere else? Where are those 15,000 troops going? Why is there a request in to extend the length of a National Guard person's active duty? The insurgents pulled 14 Iraqi troops out of a van today, shot dead 12 of them, and sent the remaining two to warn others not to join. Who is kidding who about the capability of the ING? Over half of the population of Iraq is under the age of 18. How old are these so easily overwhelmed Iraqi guardsmen?

........."I heard that Saddam Hussein, in solitary confinement, was spending his time writing poetry, reading the Koran, eating cookies and muffins, and taking care of some bushes and shrubs. I heard that he had placed a circle of white stones around a small plum tree.'
check the green link above for the complete article.

new medbhletters are up!

For the Love of a Chocolate Donut

Anyone who knows me knows that I start each workday with an extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee. I've tried Wawa's java, but it just doesn't have the same kick. To feed my habit, I have to stop and run into either a Dunkin Donuts on a major highway on the way to work, or, I have to stop at the DD located in the heart of Camden, the most dangerous city in Jersey.

Lately, I've been walking the block to the Camden DD, because the other DD just won't put enough sugar in my hazelnut coffee. I gave up trying to get them to put five sugars in my styrofoam cup of bitter ground DD beans.
So, pre 9am, I leave our office's parking garage, walk through the inner city bus station, through the little city park complete with benches of sleeping homeless people, and make it into the DD. The courthouse is nearby, the jail is two blocks away, as well as our office bldg. so, pre 9am, that DD counter is jammed six deep, and eight across. The morning crowd is mixed. Some of the addicted are the courthouse, jail, and other types of office workers. Most of the addicted are Camden residents. And every once in awhile, the Halfway Houses stop by. They 've been by a lot these past weeks. I think there must be a new van driver or activity aide, and they can't think of anything better as an activity for the House residents, than a trip to DD.

Since a trip to DD is first on my list too, I can't really give the van driver or aide a hard time about using DD as a daily outing for people who have precious few opportunities to mingle with the outside world.
Yesterday, after I made it to the counter, I noticed a chubby woman with intensely wrinkled hands was across from me. I noticed the deep creases on her hands, because they were slowly and orgiastically feeding a fresh from the oven, dark chocolate glazed cream in the middle donut, into her red lipstick swiped mouth. At the counter. Slowly. She was not moving her butt out of anyone's way. She was having a donut orgasm, on her time, at her pace.

Now, in that particular DD, you don't hold anyone else in line, up. You don't have public eating orgasms. Cause that DD is also filled with folks who get their orgasmic highs from all types of street drugs. And pre 9am, there a lots of people with eyes bulging out of their heads, wired and pretty much toothless, whose high has taken them through the nite, into the pre dawn hours, and they are now winding down, and looking for some DD juice.
But she stood there, even as I left, oblivious to all, tonguing bits of yellow cream off the chocolate glaze.
The odd thing was, people let her do it. They just glanced at her with sympathy, and then pushed their way to the other side of her, at the counter. The Half way House groups, too, just mingled around her, graciously seeding her her spot at the front of the counter.
The DD Goddess was obviously with one of the Mental Health Halfway House groups. And anyone who has been on either side of that fence, knows, that if you live in one of those programs, you are confined. You are subject to violence from other residents, to having your few belongings ripped off, and your daily life is orchestrated per both the regulations and the whims of the House Leader. You just have to hope you get a good one to run your program
Yesterday, the Donut Goddess must have lucked out. It was the whim of her House Leader to have allowed yet another trip to the inner city heaven, DD. The Donut Goddess must have earned enough house points for good behavior, to be allowed to go.

And, in the midst of her restricted, scheduled, violence prone life, she found a taste of something she had sorely craved, something wonderful, all thanks to the House Leader arranged trip.

When she goes back to the Halfway House, she can tell the ones who were not allowed to go, about the donut she ate. And about the people who ahhed, and said oh, let her enjoy her bit of fun, she must never get out, this may be the only pleasure she has for awhile. Those people will feel better knowing that they saw a bombarded soul be happy, even if only for a moment, before the activity outing ended, and the van drove back to the program. To the reality of her life.

While reading the news last night, I saw article after article, and post after post, talking about the Happy Iraqi's voting, and of how good that made those folks feel about the whole mess. "Oh, but they stood in line for hours, and they looked so happy." It was almost like they were discussing kittens. Happy happy Iraqis, happy happy little kittens. There was such a denial of all of the facts surrounding that election. Of the reasons why we invaded and bombed that country, initially. Not one of those souls looked deeper than a few pics and articles taken by American media.

As I read what these blinded folks wrote, the Donut Goddess kept coming to mind. The people who smiled indulgently at her as she ate her sole happiness in front of them, those people came to mind.
Let's ignore the issue of homelessness, mental illness, racism, poverty, violence. Let's ignore the fact of life for a person whose sole pleasure is located in the scant chance that she may earn enough good behavior points from the House Leader to go on an activity, and that that activity may be a trip to the inner city DD. She stood in line, too, for a chance at a Leader allowed happiness.
And people clucked, and made themselves feel better, while the real issues were ignored. Those issues are too messy. Just let her eat the donut, no matter how messy she is while eating it, and then take her back to the Halfway House, please.

She may later get caught in the fighting between other residents; her health may decline, and the staff will not be able to find a doctor who will take Medicaid, so she will suffer more. She may slip farther into her own stricken mind, and not earn enough points for another outing. The funding for her program may be cut, further eroding the quality of her life. But she had the chance to eat a donut, and that was enough.

Uranium may have sunk so far into Iraq's soil that generations to come will be poisoned. 28 people were killed yesterday. A law is being passed that will allow foreign corporations to control Iraq's oil. There is no free press in Iraq. People carry their wounded, bloodied, children to hospitals and lay them on metal beds without bedding. The vote may have encouraged a civil war to ensue. The list goes on.
But the Iraqi's had a chance, given by their House Leader, to vote, and that was enough. Happy, happy, pretty kittens. That's what America likes to see.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

why, mister, why?

US General said, "war is fun"

Daily War News Friday, 2/4/05 stats:


why, mister, why?

The Children of Iraq

The Children of Iraq --from zonaeuropa --(becomes graphic about 3/4ths of the way through the clips)
More Facts
Save The Children Site
The children and the uranium......2002 "This is about oil. Trading basic human decency for oil. Oil is costing us our humanity, our freedoms, our self respect, and before too long perhaps the lives of more of our own children. And what will our children think of us when they eventually find out what our government has been up to? "....
more on the uranium, from 02.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Half of the population of Iraq is under 18

When I was doing a bit of research, trying to make sense of the Iraqi vote numbers that the main stream media were showing, but that weren't adding up, numerically, I found the above stat. It is startling, especially in light of the fact that the US and Coalition military have stated that they have targeted mainly adult male insurgents. Whether the body count of dead Iraqis is 100,000, or 50,000, or 10,000, I think that what the alternative media has been reporting is true.
What the IVAW presenters have said is true. What CODEPINK has said is true. That the US has killed, through bombings and other means, mostly children and women. Half of the population is under the age of 18. I can do further research and see what the population mix was for Fallujah, a city the size of Miami, before it was bombed, but, I doubt if it was mainly populated by adult male insurgents.

And the killing hasn't stopped--according to Daily War News, there was a body count of 19 today. And January was a deadly month for US soldiers--between100-102 died this past month. I don't have a count for the wounded, yet.

---I was in Morocco for nine days last spring. I met some very lovely people. The landscape looks hauntingly similar to Iraq's. The manner of dress is similar. The children look similar to the pictures coming out of Iraq, of the Iraqi children, as they run from bombs and play in the ruble of their homes. On one of those nine days, I was hiking down a tiny mountain path in the High Atlas mountains, trying to find the next, hopefully larger town, when a young lady dressed in traditional garb, and head scarf, stopped me. Through hand gestures she wanted to know if I had medicine for a tooth ache. She was incredibly beautiful, and in pain. She showed me her tooth. It looked badly abscessed. I was told later that the nearest "dentist" was at the bottom of that mountain, in the main square, in Marrakesch. I hope that he wasn't the same dentist that I saw there a few days later, dirty, sweating, sitting in the hot sun, in front of a table with plyers and numerous sizes of dentures. I kid you not.
The living standards are not the same as America's. In the gite that I stayed in, heat did not exist. The electricity to heat the hot water tank was so expensive that it was on for only a short time, once every evening. Cold showers, in cold weather, were the norm. For the tourists. The residents of that area could not shower. They washed up instead. Every little local "store" I went into had laughing cow cheese packs, chips, candy and assorted cheap, cheap, junk food. At the airport, crowds of youths hovered around, "madame, please. dollar?"
I was so afraid to sleep on the bedding that covered the bed in the "nice" hotel in Marrakesch, that I put my sleeping bag and hard camping liner on top of it, and slept on that. Marrakesch is one of Morocco's larger cities.

The last day of the trip, we went to the huge square full of souks. The souks, Moroccan stores, are vibrant, busy, colorful, noisy, and sell nearly everything. While walking into the souk area where I was told I could find coffee, I saw huge glass bowls, the size of punch bowls, filled with various kinds of colorful olives, beans and vegetables. I was going to pick up some of the glistening olives when one of the bowls tipped, and spilled it's olives all over the grimy asphalt floor. The clerk grabbed the bowl, and scooped the mass of olives up. They were, of course, covered in dirt, sand, and ugh. The solution? The clerk "washed " them in the sewer water that bubbled up all nice and pale brown from the metal grate in front of my feet.
And placed them back on the counter, glistening anew.

I can't imagine how the lively children in mismatched clothes, smiles ready and glowing despite the caked dirt on their cold tiny faces, would ever recover if their one room adobe homes melded to the High Atlas mountains, were bombed into nothing ness. They had so little, materially at least, to begin with. Young girls and old women scoured the scree strewn mountain paths daily for bits of kindling for their fires. They washed their clothes in the stream right outside the gite, in the freezing cold weather. The mountain guide advised that we give, in addition to money as a tip, clothes. Clothes were difficult to come by in the mountains of Morocco. I'm sure that there are monied sections of Morocco, I didn't see them, though. I saw poverty. The young son of the owner of the gite had graduated high school--his father was a well respected business man in that area--he said that it was useless to attend a university. That school did not guarantee a job, in Morocco. "Maroc is not like America," Mohammed explained.

After viewing the "Children of Iraq" pics, I remembered something else the IVAW presenter, NG medic, Pat Resta, said last Friday. That they were told by their commanders that they could not treat an Iraqi unless the person was in danger of losing their life. The rationale given was a lack of money, and that the Iraqi people had to get used to using their own hospitals.

What hospitals? And how far down a dusty, rubble strewn path did they have to carry their wounded children, for care? What cold mattress without bedding did they lay their child on?

He wants 80 billion more for his war against Iraq. Building has begun in Iraq on one of the largest US embassy's ever. Let's deprive him of something for once. Help the Human Rights First Group and CODEPINK to indict him. Tell your legislators and papers that you want an explanation for the pre-emptive war. That you want an accounting of the destruction of this land populated by children.

A caption for this pic could read :
JB- Mmmm, what did that abstinence teacher say about hooking up? Neck Nuzzler--Just say no---to abstinence.

How cruel it is to push abstinence only, no birth control, and no abortions to America’s youth. As George and Laura’s daughter so obviously illustrates, sex is here to stay.

How cruel it is of them to send that triple message out to America's youth. As illustrated above, young people are just learning how to define their limits. Their sexual limits, their alcohol limits, and their drug limits. It is usually only after a few head banging hangovers, that we learn what our alcohol limits are. And after a night of unprotected sex, it is the worry and fear that gives us the courage to insist on a condom next time around.

How tragic if one night we drink too much, have unprotected sex, and wind up pregnant. Or with AIDS, or gonorrhea, or herpes. In George Bush’s reich wing world, there won’t be a chance to rectify a bad situation through emergency contraceptives. Abortion will not be an option. And without basic sex education, how will people who WILL have sex, no matter what the abstinence teacher preaches….acquire the knowledge to make decisions about what their sexual limits are?

What a great opportunity open communication about sex would be for young people to discuss the myriad of ways in which love is expressed thorugh sex. We are all humans and we are all sexual humans. That won’t go away. And confining it is like trying to confine a volcanoe. It's going to erupt someday, and you can't stop it.

Wake up George, SEX is in the house and always has been, and …'s in the white house, too….

medbhletters has new letters up!

remember to check medbhletters if you want to scope out letters on various issues that have been sent to the media, and legislators. You can copy and paste them, plug in your zip, and email one off in a few minutes! Go for it, let your voice be heard!

Pentagon says Veteran's benefits hurtful to National Security

Need I make the connection to the increase in the death benefit that Bush will propose? Clicked from Blondesense. More thoughts
Perhaps someone should inform the Pentagon that soldiers made of tin and plastic are only toys. Flesh and blood human soldiers, require a bit more care, sustenance, and medical attention. I feel a letter coming on.

--around Thanksgiving, I was astounded by a fact that was making the news. There were over 100,000 homeless Iraq War Vets. 100,000. Seeing as how well over ten thousand have been injured in less than two years, and that soldiers who commit suicide--another hidden fact---are not counted in the total number of casualties, it is unbelievable,--but then again, maybe not--that any cut of veterans' benefits would be considered. This administration's arrogance is thoroughly repulsive--

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

US encouraged by Vietnam vote

Saw this in a few places. It is surreal. Maybe this is why I keep seeing those pictures of Vietnam in my mind.

Pat Resta speaks, again

From Left Hook