Saturday, April 30, 2005


From Army Times, via
Buzzflash: "The Pentagon on April 28 released more than 700 photographs of America's war dead returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
But many of the images, released under the pressure of a yearlong Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, are as striking for what they don't show as what they do.
In most photographs the faces of the troops accompanying the fallen and carrying the flag-draped coffins are blacked out....the rest of the story

If the faces of the living soldiers were blacked out, as the Pentagon suggests, because of security measures, well...I still don't get it.

Black out the surrounding area for security purposes, then. Although I'm sure that airports are a known entity to the insurgents, anyway. The black rectangles on the living soldiers faces is just bizarre. And scary--the people who authorized this action are in control of this horrendous war.

I agree with this point made in the article----"Meredith Fuchs, general counsel for the National Security Archive, a Washington research institute that helped press the lawsuit which forced the photographs release, said she could not understand why the faces of so many troops were concealed.

"Frankly, I've always understood that soldiers consider it a great honor to participate in an honor guard ceremony, or to accompany a fallen soldier home," she said.
Fuchs said the Pentagon was not even consistent in the alterations. In some cases, the institute received identical photos with faces blacked out in one and visible in another.

You could view the highlighted sentence in two ways-- ONE--the persons responsible for "security measures" are either very lax, or stupid, or both--after witnessing the Inaugural security, I bet for both--or, TWO---there are People in the military who do not agree with the blacking out of the faces of men who are carrying their fellow soldier to his final home. They want their faces shown.

Join the Rally Sunday--Stop this insanity

Petitions petitions, petitions--don't just Blog, take action

John Bolton--His nomination looks to be in jeopardy, although it has yet to be withdrawn--send a message to GWB asking him to withdraw the nomination of Bolton and to nominate someone who supports the UN.

The Senate is going on recess next week, and Bil Frist may push for the Nuclear Option as soon as they are back from the week long break. Tell you Senator to oppose any changes to the filibuster.

Amnesty International asks for support on opposing specific Death Penalty Executions worldwide, including ones for these children:
Defend the Human Rights of 10-year-old Ahmed Yusuf Burma and Others in Sudan
27 men from Marla village in Darfur, western Sudan who were arrested or abducted between December 10 and 12 are now facing charges that carry the death penalty, and are to be tried by a Specialized Criminal Court, whose procedures are grossly unfair. Among those detained, tortured and charged include three children: Ahmed Yusuf Burma, aged 10; Tariq Da'ud Juma', aged 12; and Musa Ibrahim Mohammed, aged 17.

In the year 2005, the FDA continues to block OTC status for emergency contraceptives, and pharmacists can still refuse to fill a women's prescription for birth control............Urge the FDA to Stop Playing Politics With Women's Lives ---Support Emergency Contraception

Women's rights continue to be trampled on in the US, and below the border, Mexico's Chihuahua State Governor is worried that his city of Ciudad Jurez now has an image problem--well, 400 women have been murdered there........From Amnesty's Women's Rights Bulletin:
"A new Amnesty International report highlights the failure of officials in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua, Mexico to bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against women. The Governor of the state of Chihuahua, Reyes Baeza, said recently that international attention on the situation in Ciudad Juárez is damaging the city's public image. This focus on international concern for women's rights, rather than violence and corruption, as "damaging" to the city's image, is indicative of much of the official response in the state to this decade-long tragedy.
Since 1993, nearly 400 young women and girls have been murdered in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua city, Mexico."

Help Amnesty USA with this and other issues

And on the other side of the world--Chinese officials are blocking the opening of a Bejing Human Rights Center--Support the men trying to open it

On the environment end --Here is one last chance to save ANWR from drilling. If you havne't already done so, check out the Sierra Club's pics and info on ANWR. It is a beuatiful part of the US that should be protected from the oil companies relentless quest for more and more oil. --DID you KNOW that Exxon Mobil's profits the first quarter jumped 44%?
And they still need to drill ANWR???

AND--Tell Microsoft to Reinstate Their Support for Workplace Fairness Legislation

And--if you haven't already done so--Sign this PDA petition calling for a US withdrawal from IRAQ.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Saturday foto bloggin-my mama loves me, and I love her. And that's all I need to know.

Uhoh, sometimes Medbh get ssnarky....

So, it is a Friday nite, and I have several items to accomplish before riding the PEACE train to NYC this Sunday.
But--I have been down with a godzilla type flu for 3 weeks, but I still have to go to work, flu/cold thing irregardless, and spend my days helping people make their way through the freakin maze that is Medicaid. SO, tonite, while trying to catch up on what is going on in the political world--I tried to watch the Bush bunk last nite--but he is such an idiot, the first time he flashed his teeth and said something stupid, I clicked off...
anyway, I decided to catch up on the political news first with Bartcop, and found my way to this link--the Christian exodus to South Carolina....
Yup, by Jeezus, this prayerful fellow is trying to get an exodus together of all the xians. Although, after reading his blog, I think it would be a bit more correct to say--all of the southern Lincoln hating because he freed the slaves, xians, are moving to SC.
Soooo, I wrote this in his comments section:

Please, please, please--GO to SC!! Go there, stay there, procreate via fornication there, and STAY THERE.I will offer prayers to the Goddess that every male like you goes there and stays there. Build a nice big wall around you and your followers while you are at it. Don't worry about the rest of the world--the rapture will find you, and the rest of humanity can then move forward in peace. medbh Homepage 04.29.05 - 10:28 pm #

more friday foto blogging---thoughts to come on this one, cause--it doesn't make sense for our president to demonstrate spring fever while walking down a bluebonnet path with the Saudi, when.........
pic from the freeway blogger

May 1st is a day for Equality and Peace

Come to the Equality Forum this week! On May1st, the Equality Forum will celebrate 40 years of the Gay Right's movement. Heroes, Heroines and and Pioneers of the Gay Rights Movement will be showcased. Philadelphia is the host city, and in the week leading up to May 1st The Equality Forum will hold numerous speakers and events to ceebrate the 40 year anniversary of the movement.

Show your solidarity and support of the Gay Right's movement and listen to the stories of those who fought discrimination in the past, and who continue to do so today.. In the words of Coretta Scott King
"I believe all Americans who believe in freedom, tolerance and human rights have a responsibility to oppose bigotry and prejudice based on sexual orientation."

Friday foto bloggin--ooooh, cute baby!

I posted this little fellow on medbhletters along with a petition to help others like him, but he is so darn CUTE, I just had to post him here, too.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday's Thoughts

Do you know how much the State of New Jersey has spent on the War in Iraq?
9.2 BILLION DOLLARS as of 2/05.

Do you KNOW how much your state has spent on the war?
What other areas in our communities could have been improved with the billions of dollars that have found their way into the hands of the War industry? More beds for the county Domestic Violence shelters comes to my mind. More teachers so that class sizes are smaller. Camp experiences for kids whose parents can't afford childcare in the summer. Scholarships. Expand Meals on Wheels. More nurses and better paid aides in nursing homes. More support for the caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. My social worker's mind is spinning out a list a full 9.2 billion dollars long.
What would you have spent that money on? I bet it wouldn't have been on bombing Iraq.

Join the Peace Trains and anti-war rallies on May 1st--sign the petitions to get us out of Iraq--indict GWB. Help the innocent victims of WAR (graphic pictures)--by ending one. Deprive Halliburton, for a change.


Stand with Amnesty International USA against the use of torture. In the year since the Abu Ghraib torture pictures were made public, 1800 photos of abuse have been discovered. It would seem that exposing the extent of the grievous torture enacted in the name of and by governments, especially the US government, would halt the use of torture. IT HASN'T. The use of torture has increased, and reports of it keep streaming in. The use of torture by the US has consequences felt around the world by victims of torture.Take a stand. Help Amnesty stop the Torture. Click HERE to support their efforts.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A recent victim of one of the bomb attacks in Iraq. Terrorists attacks have gone from 172 significant terrorist attacks in 2003 to 655 in 2004. And the year 2005 is breaking all previous records so far. Why are We Back? Iraq has yet to form an initial government. That has to be in place by the second week in May, or the entire process begins again. A Purple finger redo...surrounded by blood.
from yahoo:
That's about 400 attacks a week of all kinds: bombings, shootings, rocket and mortar attacks, Pentagon officials said. About half cause significant damage or injure or kill someone. .........About 60 people — including Iraqis, Americans and other foreigners — are injured or killed daily in attacks, the defense official said. Except for the spikes, that rate has remained roughly consistent since April 2004, the official said.

For the sake of the Iraq dead, dying and maimed--go to the left of the blog, sign the petitions to indict gwb, and to impeach him.

KEEP the DATE---MAY 1st--Rally against the War and for Nuclear Weapons Abolition!

Take a Ride on the Peace Train to NYC with the Peace Coalition, and other groups united together, who are calling for an end to the Iraq War, and for Nuclear Weapons Abolition. Show the government and the world that American citizens are against this unjust war.
Show the children and parents in these photographs from Iraq in Agony (graphic), that you care. Don't let this human devastation be done in our name! What these children have suffered, and what ended these young soldiers lives, was based on a lie, and done in the name of corporate greed. Everyday the news reports the dozens dead and injured from bombs, from slaughters. We have passed the 300 billion mark for money spent on this war for oil greed.

Couldn't that money have been spent on developing alternate fuel resources? George Bush is a financial loser who was saved from bankruptcy by corporations who wanted to attach themselves to his father' s name. Now they have attached themselves to our government. Work to stop it. The people in the Iraq in Agony pictures are real people, suffering under the most inhuman conditions. Keep telling the GWB, the corporations, and the world--Not in Our Name!

APRIL 28th--GO OUT FOR DINNER and your meal will help someone with AIDS. Cities all over the US are participating in the annual DINING out for LIFE event, where participating restaurants will donate 33% of your food bill to pay for local services in the fight against AIDS.
Go to DINING OUT for LIFE, to find a restaurant near you. Eat well on 4/28, and feel good about it!

Microsoft--powered by Bigotry--embedded with the religious reich--it's time to take a bite out of that Apple

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maybe Microsoftgate will be the keeper!

Well, those of us who have been under attack from this current administration--women, most men, the world, our environment, etc., have been waiting and hoping for the scandal that will finally be THE scandal that brings this unjust, corrupt, cult administration to an end.
Has the straw that broke the mad elephant's back finally occurred?
It wasn't Votergate, WMDgate, Gannongate, Bankruptcygate, Torturegate, but it might be MICROSOFTGATE!
Well, it appears that Microsoft has been paying Ralph Reed--yes, that slim and cherubic looking agent of religious greedy insanity $20,000 a month--(how many poverty stricken people would that feed?), as a retainer. Retainer for what? Click on the Microsoft name above, see the invoices, see Ralph smiling, see that he has been on Microsoft's "retainer" list since the 2000 Bush elections, see, see, see--and hope for the best.

Hallelujah and say a prayer for Microsoftgate!! Amen, Amen, Amen! Now send your contribution to----well, hopefully, not to Ralph Reed, anymore.......

Monday, April 25, 2005

Thoughts on Justice Sunday

1) I assert most unhesitatingly, that the religion of the South is a mere covering for the most horrid crimes-- a justifier of the most appalling barbarity, a sanctifier of the most hateful frauds, and a dark shelter under which the darkest, foulest, grossest, and most infernal deeds of slaveholders find the strongest protection. Where I to be again reduced to the chains of slavery, next to that enslavement, I should regard being the slave of a religious master the greatest calamity that could befall me. . . I. . . hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land.
Frederick Douglass

2) One of the biggest changes in politics in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the oval office and in Congress. For the first time in our history, ideology and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington. Theology asserts propositions that cannot be proven true; ideologues hold stoutly to a world view despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality. When ideology and theology couple, their offspring are not always bad but they are always blind…

In this past election, several million good and decent citizens went to the polls believing in the rapture index… Its outline is rather simple, if bizarre: Once Israel has occupied the rest of its 'biblical lands,' legions of the anti-Christ will attack it, triggering a final showdown in the valley of Armageddon. As the Jews who have not been converted are burned, the messiah will return for the rapture. True believers will be lifted out of their clothes and transported to heaven, where, seated next to the right hand of God, they will watch their political and religious opponents suffer plagues of boils, sores, locusts, and frogs during the several years of tribulation that follow…

I'm not making this up. I've reported on these people, following some of them from Texas to the West Bank. They are sincere, serious, and polite as they tell you they feel called to help bring the rapture on as fulfillment of biblical prophecy. -- Bill Moyers,

3) It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so...
~Robert A. Heinlei


4) When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community." Adolph Hitler
Justice Sunday

Sunday, April 24, 2005

More Sunday reading, and listening.

It's time to get your PEACE on.

Necessary Sunday reading

This is Rumor Control: When John McCain was in Baghdad with Hilary Clinton and some other Senators a couple of months ago he was implying a decades-long military presence in Iraq.
John Pike: We're never going to leave. Think about it. We're still in Korea and the armistice was signed 53 years ago. There is no coherent explanation for why we are still there apart from the fact that we've been there for a long time. Everybody has become accustomed to our presence, and it's easier for everybody just to roll along with us there than for people to contemplate what the world would look like without us there.

This is Rumor Control: Explain for me why it is necessary for the long stay in Iraq.
John Pike: For at least the next two years, the Iraqi forces are not going to have the capacity to defend their own country. That is why even people opposed to the war who say that [our military presence] is the problem are not calling for "out now". They recognize that if we left, the thing would fly apart. It would be Bosnia, with oil. ---------

The above is an excerpt from RumorControl, from an interview with John Pike, a military and security analyst who runs the highly regarded website Global .
Today in Iraq had this story, and more pertinent info...

A request from Operation Truth, & terrorist attacks shot up from 172 to 644, in one year, so--Bush&Co changed the report.

I'm sure that you have noticed the recent reports coming out of Iraq. The death tolls is up, way, way up.
60 people were killed and thrown into the Tigris river recently, twenty were murdered in a soccer stadium, the tally of terrorist acts has shot through the roof, from 172 significant terrorist attacks in 2003 to 655 in 2004.
Because the truth was outed, the Bush administration killed the report, similar to the WMD fiasco.
According to Legitgov, hundreds of people have died in Iraq just this month, not to mention those injured when bombs go off...
American soldiers face yet more problems than IEDs, RPG's and insurgeent attacks, though. Our government makes sure that they they have to keep fighting even when the bombs stop...From Operation Truth...
"Washington needs to address the problems facing our soldiers. Stop Loss, Veterans' Affairs budget cuts, and the role of private contractors in combat zones are crucial issues for the soldiers, and they should be crucial issues in Congress. But for this to happen, Congress needs to hear from you. Contact your senators or representatives and let them know that they must resolve the unnecessary hardships endured by our soldiers, and that the public will hold them accountable. "
(Congress should already know these facts, and probably do, but let's Remind them...)---

"America's veterans of the Iraq War need your help. As many as one-in-six will suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and we are not doing enough to care for them.
Last Wednesday, Rep. Lane Evans stood along side OIF Veterans from Operation Truth and introduced H.R. 1588, the "Comprehensive Assistance for Veterans Exposed to Traumatic Stressors Act of 2005," and I am writing today to urge you to support this vital legislation."

Click HERE to send a letter of support for the bill --click in the posts below to call for a pull out from Iraq
And from Guerilla News--
Iraq War Veterans Lose Full-Time Government Jobs While in Iraq
WAR, what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday Spotlight on: the PDA

PDA Activists Spur Historic Call to Exit Iraq
This past weekend, at the California State Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles, the largest gathering of state-party Democrats in the nation, activists with Progressive Democrats of America led by PDA Executive Director Tim Carpenter successfully lobbied 2,000 delegates to pass a resolution calling for the termination of the occupation of Iraq. The resolution included specific language demanding the withdrawal of American troops from that country. "The California Democratic Party," reads the resolution in part, "calls for the termination of the occupation…of American troops in Iraq."
This victory is a powerful statement not only to the national Democratic Party but to the Republican administration and the majority in Congress.
PDA, with your help, intends to take the work from this weekend and duplicate it in legislature after legislature, until our combined voices carry our soldiers out of Iraq and home to their families
Call for an end to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq!Urge your member of Congress to support legislation for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, by clicking below

Learn More about the PDA, and Their Goals

Weekend Photo Blogging

---Weekends are for sleeping in

Weekend Thoughts--Her Son's have Grown up Tall and Handsome---and without her.

Friday, April 22, 2005

In Honor of Earth Day, Bush&Co. will now drill ANWR

This is a pic from NASA, of ozone holes over Antartica.
What birthday presents the GWB has for his Mother.
Besides the recent approval to drill for oil in ANWR, and so beginning the destruction of one of our great national treasures, the Artic National Wildlife Refuge, the BBC reports that the glaciers of the Antarctic Peninsula are in rapid retreat.

Global warming is the assigned culprit. And of course, the GWB continues to refuse to sign the Kyoto Treaty, or for that matter, do much of anything for our planet but kill it. It's that Culture of Death thing he has going with the poop. They're both intent on making sure that the Rapture arrives before they leave the Earth. The sick pups don't realize that if it does occur, they'll be the last ones on the mothership to heaven. They'll be lucky if they manage to grab onto one of the landing gears as it takes off.

And to show your extreme displeasure with the oil companies who pushed for the drilling into ANWR, join Barbara Boxer in boycotting their products (ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch/Shell, and ChevronTexaco ) and click HERE to tell them that you are!

New Pope condemns Spain Gay Marriage Bill

Just a few days into the job, and he's already spreading hate, in the name of his god and church.
"He said Roman Catholic officials should be prepared to lose their jobs rather than co-operate with the law. "

But then, why would he wait to pounce? He and George are just TWO HOLY WARRIORS on a Crusade....
From the "Holy Warriors "Salon article--
"Cardinal Ratzinger handed Bush the presidency by tipping the Catholic vote. Can American democracy survive their shared medieval vision?"
Can this world?

This pronouncement that RC officials should be prepared to lose their jobs is ludicrous, incites hate, trys to project a martyr status onto those who oppose the Gay Rights Bill(how Fundy!) and is so hypocritical. What priests lost their jobs for molesting their trusting young parishioners? And this pope knew all about their actions, as did jp2.

GWB and the hateful pope--two peas in a bigoted, hate filled, money filled, pod. They are jointly pushing thier propanganda, in order to achieve thier world goals.
Did you also know that this pope and Neil Bush were involved in a venture together? I have to find that article and post it.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

THIS is a really bad sign...

America Blog has reported that the Microsoft Corporation has bowed to right wing pressure and is pulling their support for Washington State's Gay Rights Bill. PLEASE go there and send an email to all of the Microsoft contacts listed on the site. We only have until Friday to stop this.

Microsoft is caving??? THAT is not a good sign. Uncertain what to say in your email? I already emailed all of the listed contacts. I posted my letter on medbhletters. Go copy and paste.

First, they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew, so I did nothing....
I view this action of Microsoft's as a very negative one for America and for our freedom. How could they possibly intimidate that company? I hope Blogger works on Linux.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Malignant egophrenia --a psychiatric analysis of what is actually wrong with GWB---send it to his supporters

My friend Pax had an excellent post today. He expressed thoughts that are probably running through a lot of American's minds lately.
How did this right wing mess and god cult come to be? How can adults give up their sense of justice, equality, openmindeness, objective thinking and succumb to the delusional?

I came across some interesting reading material this weekend that sheds a different light on the psychopathy of our current government and it's right wing blind believers.
--Here is an excerpt from one of the articles on the Awaken the Dream site. "The Madness of George W. Bush"--
"By creating more of the very thing he is fighting against, Bush is enacting the repetition compulsion of the traumatized soul. In Bush’s case, it is the repetition compulsion gone awry, to daemonic proportions, getting acted out on the world stage. To quote noted psychologist Rollo May, the daemonic is "any natural function which has the power to take over the whole person [or whole nation]…..the daemonic can be either creative or destructive [i.e, demonic]…..violence is the daemonic gone awry."
The daemonic aspect of the disease develops a certain autonomy and literally possesses the person or group, as it is self-generating, self-perpetuating and self-organizing in nature.. ........For example, Bush, in his delusion, imagines he is divinely guided. His supporters want to believe this to feed their own adolescent fantasies of wanting to have a divinely inspired leader to take care of and protect them. Because of this need they invest, so to speak, in Bush’s delusion, which just confirms to Bush all the more that he indeed is God’s instrument. Bush and his followers are co-dependently and reciprocally feeding and supporting each other’s unconscious narcissistic needs in a truly pathological, and ultimately self-destructive co-dependent relationship....."

Although I rarely venture onto right wing blogs and sites, I just might try posting some of these articles on some. It might help the blind believers to see what spurs their madness, and their leader's madness.
A review of all of the articles in the "GWB Insanity Library" would be a good first step in understanding why they stay sucked into such a fear and hate mongering mode, while professing a devotion to the christ principles.

Maybe it won't do a thing, though, as from what I have read, the responses are very illogical. That is what blares out at me whenever I try for the fair and balanced route, and actually read the articles and postings. How can these people think in such an illogical manner? Perhaps it is much more than just an illogical mind, though. Madness does seem to be the order of the day in America.

1800 abuse photos......

Did you know that there were 1800 abuse photos taken at the Abu Ghraib prison? I didn't, and I'm a bit blown away by that fact.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Isn't it TIME, for a Department of PEACE?

I often wonder where our major newspapers get their stories from. How is whether the holy smoke is black or white more important than the ravages of the Darfur region? How can they continue to report that the "situation" in Iraq is settling down, when this brief look proves otherwise.
Just today:
a "number" of US soldiers were wounded and a military personnel carrier was destroyed in a car bomb attack on the highway east of the city of Rutba on Sunday.
Seven people were kidnapped
A us. Soldier was killed by an IED
five Iraqis and foreigners were killed

Just yesterday:
13 Iraqis were killed by bombs
three US soldiers were killed, and seven injured.
Unknown amounts were injured

Five journalists have been killed in the past four days.
Iraqi police/military deaths since 2005 began:
January 2005 109 casualties.
February 2005 103 casualties.
March 2005 200 casualties.
April 2005 108 so far this month.

That is 520 deaths just of Iraqi police, in less than 4 months--the injured have not been counted, and a complete death toll of war dead is not listed here. Think of the devastation and carnage that war has brought to it's human victims. And the War is going well? Settling down? How could any media outlet actually report that?

Even if the U.S. news media ignore the War in Iraq due to political reasons, how is it possible to ignore the ongoing humanitarian crises in Africa, in Asia, in South and Central America? Are they completely desensitized to war? Or are we? Are we so acclimated to a Culture of Violence that we no longer recognize what life is without conflict?

The Culture of Violence spirals outward, sucking in our emotions, our physical and mental health.
The financial cost of our Culture of Violence, a culture that thrives on war, glorifies combatants, and deadens our souls, is staggering. Why is WAR the only way to resolve a conflict? Why is it glorified in our nation? Why is it acceptable at all? Do we know any other way? Are we following an ages old pattern of behavior, both socially and personally?

The U.S. has always had a Department of War. After WWII, the name was changed to the Department of Defense. WHAT has that brought us? A Dept. of War brings us WAR, no matter what it's current name is. This statement is true----War brings Peace, like Hate brings Love---We need to move humaity up a step, to a different mode of thinking.
In our Federal government, we need an opposing body to war, a strong voice for non-violent conflict resolution, a chance for students to earn PEACE scholarships, and a branch of the U.S. government that advocates for PEACE and non-violence, at all levels of our society. We need a way to develop a a Culture of PEACE.

Isn't it time, then, for a
Department of PEACE?

South Jersey has Department of Peace Chapter. We support the bill for a Department of Peace. Join the campaign for PEACE. Our World Needs you to.

The War Against America

"IF We Only Knew Then What I Know Now" by Willie E. Davis

"I am an old man now. I don't know how long I will live to fight the "occupiers", but I will fight them until I die or I am killed.There are many resistance fighters like myself. With every American civilian the invaders kill, many more resistance fighters are created. The Chinese call us terrorists and insurgents, but the folks in our cities and towns call us heroes. Recently, their great leader landed on one of their aircraft carriers claimingthat his mission had been accomplished. We will show the world that the only thinghe has accomplished is drowning himself in a quagmire. The "occupiers" may never know the meaning of the word "Peace" ever again."

A MUST read for everyone--clipped from Blondsense

The Indian Ocean tsunami has left women without access to vital health services in affected areas of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and other countries.

You can help them
The Senate is expected to vote sometime in the next few days on an amendment being proposed by Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) to direct $3 million to UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) for its work in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Maldives to provide critical reproductive health services in the aftermath of the tsunami.
Tell your Senators to support Hilary Clinton's Amendment--CLICK HERE

In the aftermath of natural disasters, women face a host of unique reproductive health vulnerabilities including a lack of sanitary supplies for menstruation, life-threatening complications of pregnancy, and a lack of access to contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Women in refugee camps are also more likely to be victims of sexual assault and violence.
UNFPA estimates that in tsunami-affected regions:
500,000 women and girls in Sri Lanka alone have been displaced. 150,000 women are currently pregnant or may be facing complications of pregnancy.
15,000 pregnant women in Indonesia alone are still in need of a trained attendant at birth.
1,650 or fully 30 % of the midwives on the northern tip of Sumatra died in the disaster
and many of those who survived are still dealing with personal trauma and the loss of equipment used to safely deliver babies.

Sadly, the Bush Administration has steadfastly refused to contribute any funds to UNFPA to address this critical need. The Administration has effectively turned its back on the world's poorest women by denying desperately needed services to women in the countries most affected by the devastating tsunami.
Unless Congress acts now, the Bush administration will continue to ignore the unique reproductive health needs of women who survived the disaster.
Campaign Expiration Date:
May 18, 2005

How MUCH has been spent by the Bush Administration on WAR????

Monday, April 18, 2005

Call someone else

The U.S. Culture of Life just adores The Culture of Death. And this past week, it's skeletal appendages punctured my NJ insulation to it's ongoing push into mainstream America, a bit more.

I went to lunch with a new coworker, a young woman. She has a BA, no children, married. A bit into the lunch, she began to speak of her church and the rapture....At the mention of the word, rapture, my head must have spun around a bit, or maybe my face turned sickly green, because the other woman having lunch with us looked at me with alarm in her eyes.

She knows my views on organized religion. It is the origin of all prejudice, among it's other racist, sexist, domination/subjugation, money hoarding, power brokering, criminal, attributes. And all in the name of the lord, the male god....

The above logo is from a sight that is affiliated with some of our current government officials. The ones in power. Power over your life and mine. They want church and state in bed together. It already is in the same house, and is right now walking upstairs to find that comfy bed.

Cultish organized religion ideology, the same type that won over so many potential Sung Yung Moon supporters, has spread from Jesusland, has been in White House land for several years, and is now working it's way into our East coast cities. It's not a fringe anymore.
It has managed to gloss over a war, is actively condoning and gathering support for a second invasion, it has control of our media, funds our government officials, and is actively seeking our youth.
We need to work to end it's burgeoning power, now. Humanity has been through this before, the deadly collusion of church and state.

In 2005, it is hard to imagine the power of the medieval Catholic Church--but, it HAD IT. It held Inquisitions and horribly tortured and killed people, it invaded the lands of those who had a difference in theological opinion and practice, and murdered thousands--the Cathers of Southern France were brutally "extinguished," among others. It is the origin of the current Muslim/Christian killing field in the Middle East. It had control of numerous countries military power, and used that in pursuit of it's monetary and power broking goals.

What is occurring in the U.S. 's religious right faction is a prelude to that type of religious power. How else could you have the power to invade a country that never agressed to your country, just because the powerbrokers wanted it's assets? Bush called the War, he is a born again christian, and he was elected through the money and efforts of the religious right. But isn't he backed by the Neo-cons? Yes, but it is difficult to distinguish the religious right factions from the corporate factions, because the religious institutions ARE corporations. Their goals are the same, only the packaging is different. Is there such a thing as a Left-wing Neo-con? Religious right corporations use their cult control to double speak government actions to their congregations. Hate is wrong, according to christian theory, but hate against certain types of people is right, if it is beneficial to the tri headed religious government corporation.

Separation of Church and State MUST occur, and soon. Before those who oppose a theocratic government, are in the minority. As dramatic as it may seem to American eyes, one day people who dissent from the co-mingled church and state regime could be dropped out of airplanes, like they were a few years ago, in Argentina.

The current mix of religion and government in Argentina is being hotly debated due to the reference a Catholic military chaplain made, suggesting that abortion supporters be thrown out of planes into the sea. Let's save the fetus, but kill the people. Never mind that the Catholic Church's forbiddance of the use of birth control is why so many women have to seek abortions. His callous reference to the deaths illustrated above is mindboggling, especially when those words are coming from the mouth of a representative of 'god." But his words are not very different from what we hear in the U.S.
Sanctioning one form of killing as opposed to others has always been an instrument of fear based religions and governments. The contradiction between the precepts of a faith and what is espoused and condoned by it's followers is both hypocritical, illogical, and dangerous to humanity.
As a priest explained to one of the Argentinean officers assigned to throw the dissidents out of the plane, because they were drugged before being dropped into the Atlantic Ocean, "it was a Christian death."
Here is a bit more on how the "Christian deaths were carried out :
--A poem smuggled out of the death camp, written by victim Ana Maria Ponce, was read during today's ceremony. The young woman, a personal friend of President Kirchner during the 70s, was never seen alive again.
She was probably taken to the nearby Aeroparque city airport (the Buenos Aires equivalent of Gatwick airport), from which the secret "death flights" carrying ESMA captives took off twice weekly.
The victims were injected with a strong tranquilliser and thrown alive into the freezing waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, often with their stomachs slit open to ensure they sank quickly and that their bodies did not wash up on Argentina's beaches, as happened in the early days of the dictatorship.---

And in the words of a man who was a young officer in Argentina at that time:
" Scilingo shoved thirty individuals to their death: thirteen on the first flight, seventeen on the second. Among them was a sixty-five-year-old man, a sixteen-year-old boy, and two pregnant women in their early twenties. On his first flight, Scilingo slipped and nearly fell out of the plane with a prisoner who was struggling and would not let go. He survived only because a comrade grabbed him and pulled back.

"It's a recurring nightmare," he testified, "one I'll have for the rest of my life." He is still tormented by "the heavy scrape and jangle of [the prisoners'] chains and shackles ... the clothing left strewn on the floor of the plane after the 'cargo' was dropped."

On the return flight no one said a world; back at the ESMA, Scilingo drank himself into a long, deep sleep and then went to confession, where he was immediately absolved. "It was a Christian form of death," the priest assured him and, bastardizing a parable from Matthew 13:24, explained that subversives were the weeds sown by the enemy among the wheat. The tares had to be burned, so the wheat could be gathered into the barn. "And that," said Scilingo, "is how we were taught to save Western, Christian civilization from the Red terror."
Oh, boy, the government is saving that christian civilization---how many times have our U.S. ears heard that phrase???
Argentina is not that far away.
The absolutely bizarre and inhumane, sexist and racist thought patterns and statements of many of our religious leaders in the U.S. today, are no different than the Argentine Bishop's. Religion by itself causes enough grief to normal human beings, but, mixed with the government, it turns into a rabid destroyer of human rights , free thought, and of humanity itself.
For more info on the blending of church and state, click HERE

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Because it's Sunday---God Loves Nascar........or, I went round the track with Jesus..

When you think it couldn't get any weirder, it does.....

------In fact, America’s number one spectator sport—with 75 million fans coast to coast— is a growing community of faith. The most prominent figures in the sport display their faith as proudly as they do their corporate logos.
For the unsuspecting (or neophyte) Nascar fan, stepping onto the speedway may provide a glimpse of what faith looks like in the workplace, even an asphalt one.
Veteran driver Michael Waltrip is one of the most outspoken Christians in his sport. Despite Nascar’s heavy reliance on corporate sponsorship, Waltrip unabashedly carries his faith on and off the racetrack. “If you want to sponsor my car, you’re going to get the whole me, and a part of me is my faith in Jesus,” he says.....

The NASCAR congregation
That drivers like Waltrip have such a missionary zeal is no accident.
“Nascar is another community, another workplace... and any workplace is a mission field. If you want to call us missionaries, sure— but we’re here amongst our friends. For us, it’s an opportunity for us to help our friends,” says Billy Mauldin, president of Motor Racing Outreach, a ministry based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The ministry spends nearly $ 2 million annually to spread the gospel message to spectators and fans ---More

and, Blondesense has the latest dibs on fun w/Jesus....

Because it's Sunday, and you may be curious as to how fellow Americans are honoring this day of Peace and religiosity...

From Jesus General--
"Perhaps we can use Justice Sunday to erect a prayer shield against the judges. We could pray for the holy spirit to intervene anytime a judge is about to deliver an ungodly opinion. Picture this: an angel of God, dispatched by our prayers, kicks a judge in the nuts every time he reaches for a pen to sign a decision requiring that homosexuals be treated like human beings.
Do you think that judge will ever actually sign it? I don't think so.

Some might say that prayer can't be used to instruct angels to kick judges in the nuts. Such people simply lack faith. If prayer can be used to cause the invasion of the Soviet Union, it can be used to bring about a little miraculous nut slapping."

Be sure to check out the Generals post just below the angel kicking one, and find out who some of our elected officials are linking to on their sites......

Because it is Sunday, a day of Peace and Reflection for many people, here are two actions that will help bring Peace to others

Save the Date--MAY 1----There are ACTIONS IN NYC and in WASHINGTON DC--

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Malnutrition among Iraqi children has doubled

Let Them Eat Bombs

can't stop thinking about volcanoes....

A white owl among the hardened lava rocks of Anak Krakatua, from this reflective piece on climbing this newly formed (1927) volcano. Also check out some current--as of 4/15/05, volcanoes. The pictures are fascinating. They make me want to sign on for a volcano climbing trip I read about last night.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Sigh, listening to the talented Emmanuele sing and strum his guitar, under the stars in the Guatemalan mountains, after the Pacaya volcano climb, only a little more than a month ago.....

Friday's photos, part...

The Italian, Australian, and photographer of our Pucaya volcano climb, Yuki from Japan, all made it. I did too, and later that night, the handsome Italian serenaded us with old Italian love songs, while we sat on the rooftop of a little motel in the mountains of Guatemala, under a star filled indigo sky.

Friday's photos, part 7--lovelorn

Hey--Someone else is already following the Italian!

Friday's Photos, Part 6--Hottie volcano's and Hotties

"What the heck is that stuff? Where's the trail? How do we get up to the top? Are we supposed to like, just grab onto rock things and practically crawl?" "Do all Americans talk so much? Just keep climbing. Follow that cute Italian guy ..." "Follow a cute Italian, hey, I understand that lingo, and I'm there! "

Friday's Photos, part 5 --just shut up and climb, medbh

"Oh my god, I thought this was just one big volcano, why do we keep circling ever upward around these other ones?" Climbing buddy "I don't know, shut up and just keep climbing, I can't talk anymore.."

Friday's Photos, part 4--it's all about the hottie

Still climbing, well most of us....this is the circuitous route--why are the hotties always difficult??

Friday's Photos, part 3--are you sure we are supposed to climb to the top of that thing???

Medbh," We aren't even halfway up and it is getting dark, are you sure we don't have to climb all the way to the top of that thing?" Climbing buddy"No, I'm not sure anymore, I think I see people at the very, very top. And if they are there, then we must have to go there, too........"

Friday Photos, part 2

Still climbing Pucaya, my Guatemalan hottie....medbh to friend " are we just like, going up to the side of that thing or something? We aren't actually climbing all the way to the top, right?" Clueless friend, " Yeah, I think we just climb to a look out point about halfway up. We couldn't climb to the top, there's smoke and crap coming out of that thing!" Affectionate Medbhy hugs her travel friend,"thanks, I feel better now, I don't want to slip in a lava flow."

FRIDAY PHOTOS--Ecotourism in Guatemala----and, a Guatemalan hottie heats Medbh up

About a month ago, while on vacay with twelve people from everywhere else but the US, one of my travel friends asked me, "Medbh, do you want to climb an active volcano today?" And I replied, "Hey, why not, I'm on vacay--where's the volcano, is it ready for me? "
I didn't know that the Guatemalan Volcano, Pucaya, was ready for anyone...and that he was a hottie to the nth degree

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Bar was lowered into hell recently......Help Bring it Back Up!

----Do you remember the name Rachel Corrie? She was a 23-year-old American peace activist who was crushed and killed by an Israeli army-driven Caterpillar bulldozer in Gaza in 2003. The story was tragic, and it brought to light the fact that in the last four years, a tenth of the population of Rafah have lost their homes as a result of Cat bulldozers being used by the Israeli military. Also, water wells, schools and hundreds of thousands of trees, have been razed by the Israeli army.
The equipment has also been used to destroy ancient olive groves and roads in the West Bank and to construct the security wall cut into Palestinian territories which has been condemned by the International Court of Justice.
The outcry against the Israeli army's crushing of Rachel Corrie under one of their over 100 Caterpillar bulldozers has initiated actions against and investigations into, her horrible and wrongful death. ---Read More

Yesterday was designated as an International Day of Action Against Caterpillar--the makers of the bulldozers, and Amnesty International has called for an investigation into Rachel Corrie's death.

Needless to say, there are people in this world who viewed the death of a Peace Activist as something to both make fun of and to profit from.

A right wing blog has recently published this ad for a mousepad with a pic of a toy bulldozer on it, and the words "Got Syrup" next to the toy. The syrup is a reference to the manner in which the young woman was killed.....

Cafe Press has it for sale, and the profits, naturally will go to that blog. It is doubtful if the Bruder toy company is aware that their toy is being used in this manner---as a symbol of a hateful killing. Why don't you help them to find out???????

Here's where the bulldozer photo came from, and the manufacturer, and the email address to get in touch with them:
Bruder Toys America

The product (and photo, which was stolen): #02422 Catepillar Bulldozer
Complain about Cafe Press product category
I haven't listed the name of the RWblog, as I will not give them any publicity, even horrendously negative publicity, but, it is easy to find out, if yo want to search it.

and, thanks to Jesus General for this info!

Debt Slavery-- what America is being pushed into

The PDA and other organizations are fighting against the latest assault on the American Public. This time it isn't against your civil rights. It's going for your money....

You may not have heard yet about the "Credit Card Protection Bill." The news media doesn't even have it squeezed in between the latest news on Brad and Angie, and Britney's pregnancy. But the Senate has already passed this bill, and it needs to be stopped in the House.

When the Senate passed this bill, it rejected a dozen crucial changes to make the bill humane- such as exemptions for serious medical problems, exemptions for those in the military, an interest rate limit of 30%, protecting the homes of the elderly, and comparably strict treatment of those who are rich. WHY DID THEY REJECT THOSE CHANGES??????
Thankfully, someone has been watching the people elected to watch out for our interests! The Bankruptcy Bill will put credit card companies--some with rates as high as thirty percent. The bill ignores the fact that it is BUSINESSES that go bankrupt that have the biggest losses. Individuals go bankrupt because of medical bills due to sick children, and a job that doesn't provide health insurance. Mortgages, cars, car insurance, taxes; the cost of living is extremely high.
One small thing can put a lot of families under water and drowning in debt. We work to provide a life for our families, and wind up spending our lives paying outrageous bills. And credit card companies are having a field day. Go ahead, be late with your payment once, then be late twice, and you'll will be paying up to 30% interest. Did you BUY an extra 30% worth of goods? No.
Oh, and it is Republicans who are pushing this bill through. The business and banks behind this bill will surely appreciate their efforts.
For more info, go to DebtSlavery. To stop the Credit Card Protection Bill, go HERE, and HERE!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Women Peace Activists Interrupt Bolton Nomination Hearing
Members of CodePink: Women for Peace Unfurl Banners and Speak Out Against Bolton Nomination During Senate Confirmation Hearing

"CODEPINK opposes the nomination of John Bolton, who is an advocate of unilateral U.S. military action, an opponent of arms control, and previously an advocate for withdrawal of US funds from the UN.

The "go it alone" Bush administration is working hard to pull the US out of every international agreement and treaty in its effort to dominate rather than collaborate on global issues--and John Bolton exemplifies this attitude. Someone so disdainful of the UN should NOT be our UN representative. In this time of major armed conflict and nuclear proliferation, we need the UN more than ever. The US should be taking the lead in strengthening international cooperation, NOT killing it! Murphy said."

Read the article HERE

Sign this petition opposing his nomination!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

SO, Walmart answered my letter of protest-----and they not only want to roll back prices, they want to roll back time........

Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for contacting us at regarding women's prescriptions for birth control. Your comments and concerns are very important to us as we strive to meet your needs. Wal-Mart does not carry emergency contraceptives. Our pharmacists may decline to fill a prescription based on personal convictions. However, they must find another pharmacist, either at Wal-Mart or another pharmacy, who can assist you by filling your prescription. Again, we thank you for your comments regarding this issue.
Customer Service at
A few days ago I signed this, in order to protest the fact that, pharmacists can, and have refused to fill Birth Control prescriptions, if that action goes against their personal convictions. There is a law called the Conscience Clause that permits medical personnel to decline to perform a procedure or participate in one that is against their personal convictions. When I signed the above, a letter in my name went to 5 major American pharmacies, requesting that Birth Control be sold, irregardless of their respective pharmacists personal convictions.

After all, they are only being asked to fill Birth Control scripts....... not perform late trimester abortions, pull a feeding tube, etc. Just fill the script and sell the pill or the patch, or emergency contraceptives, or whatever form of birth control the woman has driven to the pharmacy for..
So far, only Walfart has replied to the letter.
And I don't like their answer, so I will be sending off a reply to their reply, and advising them that contrary to what they wrote, I am not a valued customer, never was, never will be, and will do what I can to ensure that NO-ONE shops at their stores..
Does it grate against their personal convictions to fill a script for Viagra??? Doubt it. Would they refuse to fill a script that a physician wrote for any other need of her patient? Doubt it.

Background info on the "Conscience Clause" law.
Background info on Karen Brauer, President of "Pharmacists For Life" ,who was fired for not filling a bc script.
What could possibly be offensive about Birth Control? More people should use it. LOTS more people. LOTS.

Greetings to the Imprisoned Citizens of the United States!

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Pepper Spray of Desirable Mindfulness.

Get yours.

gracias, PAX and JON

A "MinuteMan" member poses with one of his illegal immigrant he spotted trying to cross the border. Before notifying the actual Border Patrol of the illegal immigrant's presence, the MinuteMan member, Bryan Barton, had the person pose holding this t-shirt that reads "Bryan Barton caught an illegal alien and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."
The Minuteman Project at work...........humiliation and degradation at the border..

Bryan Barton caught an illegal alien and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

And on the other side of the country, a bunch of like-minded people who gave thier group a name pulled from the Revolutionary War, Bryan Barton being a member of that group, are intently preventing other people desperately looking for a better life, from illegally crossing the US border....

---Authorities said no charges would be filed against the Minuteman Project members involved, but one of the three volunteers was dropped from the project Friday. Organizers said Bryan Barton violated the group's rules by giving the man food and $20 and posing for a picture with him and a T-shirt that read: "Bryan Barton caught an illegal alien and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." --- click the blue link for the story, and here, for more info on Bryan Barton, from JesusGeneral

I went to the official Minuteman Project site, for thier side of this story, and they have this posted about the MM who degraded the person in the above pic.
"Thursday, April 7th. Minuteman dismissed over sharing bowl of cereal with illegal alien. Cleared of wrongdoing, but violated procedures. See related news release. "

"Cleared of wrongdoing? "Sharing" a bowl of cereal with illegal alien while on a "citizen initiated" border patrol?
If all Barton did was to share a bowl of cereal with a tired and hungry illegal immigrant, then where did the slogan ready t-shirt come from, and the camera, and well, the bowl of cereal?
Here is a bit from thier April 4th newsflash--"Earlier this weekend, an illegal alien from Guatemala stumbled into the bible camp where the MMP is operating. He inadvertently wandered into the hornets' nest, but it turned out to be his lucky day. " The MMP operates out of a bible camp?

I clicked onto one of the MMP's sites, the Civil Homeland Defense Organization---It is way right of right--they actually think Bush is too liberal, and of course there also were the prerequisite religious fundalmentalist links in their sidebar, as well as extreme right organizations, all focused on the ruination of the US by illegal immigrants who are not white. As their illegal or legal immigrant ancestors were. Wheaties, bible camp, homeland defense; I started to feel even worse for the illegal immigrants.
While I am not trying to minimize the problem of illegal immigration, it does bring to light difficult issues, such as poverty in third world countries, and especially the safety of those attempting to cross the border, but the MMP is certainly not the answer to those problems and issues. Their bias and wannabe military pose is obvious. Their links are even more disturbing.

Their choice of name, MinuteMan Project, well, it is a faux military name pulled from the Revolutionary War, and designed to give them a sense of importance and a connection to fighting for the ideas on which America was founded. Except their use of that name doesn't quite fit in with the aims of their organization. The original MinuteMen were fighting for FREEDOM from an imperialist OPPRESSOR. Maybe they should have called their group the RedCoats Project. It would have been more fitting.

Anyway, I dubbed the MMP--MORE MORON PEOPLE ....I hope that they are shutdown, soon.

Monday, April 11, 2005

If the US is pulling out of Iraq in the near future, as some US news stories suggest, then why are these men in our High Schools?????

They're Talking Up Arms
Military recruiters are fortifying their outposts at high schools, hoping a chummy familiarity will entice students to enlist.

---"Marine Sgt. Rick Carloss is as familiar to students as some teachers at Downey High School. He does push-ups with students during PE classes and plays in faculty basketball games. During lunch, he hands out key chains, T-shirts and posters that proclaim: "Think of Me As Your New Guidance Counselor." On a recent morning, Carloss drove his silver 1996 Mercedes-Benz from his recruiting station to the school two blocks away. A parking attendant waved him into the lot, saying, "Hi, dear." ----
For the rest of this disturbing story, click here.
This story relates how the No Child Left Behind Act opened the door for military recruiters in high schools, the methods used by them to entice 17 year olds to enlist, and just how they are targeting schools to get the most Bang for thier Buck...

And, from the Daily Mirror, this story--US is in Iraq until 2009-------FOUR more years, at least---your eighth grader will be 17 in four years----And you can bet, Sgt. Carloss will be around then, driving in his Benz to his latest target, looking for him and her.....

Daily Mirror story hit from Daily WAR NEWS

Checkpoint Killings--how many have occurred? This week, you can help to stop the funding that keeps the US in Iraq, and these incidents from occurring

Family members mourn the death of three relatives: a father, his teenage son, and a male relative - who were shot and killed by U.S. Marines after their car allegedly did not stop while passing a building occupied by U.S. Marines. The victims' relatives were awaiting their return, and did not know about the incident until relatives towed the car, containing the three bodies, to the family's home. (Photo: AP/Carolyn Cole) This photo and story above, is from 2003.

Does the above story have a by now familiar ring to it?
Innocent people being shot by American troops at dangerous checkpoints.

Two years later, the killing of innocent civilians continues. Many people and organizations have tried to shed light on the casualties, all of the hidden casualties, of the Iraq War, these past two years. They have pressured our government to get out of Iraq.
Iraq body count..... is one of those organizations. You can find many more in the sidebar of this blog.

Help them to stop any more funding for this war. Tell your Senators you want the money pipeline shut down. It has cost over $160,000,000,000 in dollars. And in lives, so much more.

Who is the More Important Dead Person?

Blondsense states her case well. And, unfortunately, on comcast's home page, the pope is still the top news story. Then there's the on-going top news bits about the two folks who made Princess Diana's life quite miserable for quite awhile. Surely we want to hear all about thier lives now .....
The "news" is beyond ridiculous anymore.

Something to do--today!

Two critical but easy-to-do actions are needed this week starting Monday April 11, 8 A.M. EST. Please call the Capital switchboard at 202-224-3121 and urge your Senator to vote NO! on TWO important issues:
1) Bush's nomination of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN (click here to read more)

2) Vote "Not one more dime for war and occupation" (click here for more info)*************************************************************************
Hearings on the nomination of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN begin in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday April 11.
Urge your senator to reject Bolton as the worst possible choice for the job and for world peace!Bolton, who served as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security in the first Bush administration, is an advocate of unilateral U.S. military action, an opponent of arms control, and previously an advocate for withdrawal of US funds from the UN.
John Bolton is NOT the right choice to represent the United States at the UN.
For more information go to:
With your help, there is a chance that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made up of 8 Democrats and 10 Republicans, will tie the vote and the nomination will be squashed. If your Senator is on the committee , call him or her on Monday and every day the hearing continues, and tell everyone you know to call.

Monday, April 11 through Thursday, April 14, the Senate will debate and vote on Bush's emergency request for an additional $81 billion to continue the war and occupation in Iraq - a war without an exit strategy or a deadline.

If our Senators truly want to support the troops, cutting off the funds for war is the best way to do it!
Starting Monday there will be a nationally coordinated call-in to Senators every day until Thursday, April 14. Tell your Senator to vote "NO!" on the supplemental. Please call and urge your fellow citizens to call.
We have designed a flyer that you can download and distribute by email or by hand: Let Peace Bloom (front) Cost of Iraq War (back). The flyer is also available to download on the CODEPINK homepage.
If we can increase the number of votes against the $81 billion by even one or two Senators, this will be an important step in the long-term fight to cut off funding for the war.