Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Whew, Driftglass has a fascinating take on Bush the Back Door man....

From Driftglass, via the blondes, here's an excerpt...

First, this would put Bolton back in the headlines with a hard link to the Plame story over a hot summer when ordinary people are beginning to use the words “Rove” and “treason” in the same sentence a lot.

The forthright, straight-shootin’ Bush looks more and more like a gutless, dickless, little wimp hiding out from the latest consequences of his Highest Crime, and Bolton is another bolt of wild lightening in a tinder-dry political landscape that is already alive with wildfires.Second, a recess appointment tells the Whole Fucking World that George Bush is now officially Peking Lame Duck L'Orange.

That he can’t get his pet stooges rammed into any gummit job he wants any more. Had Bolton sailed through, he could have spent the next few year of his already-iniquitous career swaggering around the halls of the United Nations, punching smaller countries in the throat, or pinning them to the ground and socking them in the head their own fists, repeating “Why are you invading yourself? Why are you invading yourself?” until they pass out.

As it is, the other kids at the International High School will be laying for him.
Click on the Driftglass link above for the entire piece, you need to read the whole burning enchilada..

Sunday reading

From PYM.....from Iraq
Personal Stories
Art Helps Amal to Survive
“There have been eight bombings in my neighborhood of Karrada,” Amal laments. “I watched a man shot dead and another wounded by police as they ran from their bomb-laden car. People were running and screaming. I tried to run but my legs wouldn’t work. You can’t imagine this moment. I prayed to God. The police ran to the nearby school and told the teachers about the bomb and ordered them to remove the children from the building. It was like a movie.”

I first met Amal nearly eight years ago, when she was pregnant with her second child and struggling through the deprivation of economic sanctions against the Hussein regime. As a teacher, she was earning about $3 per month.
Pushed out of work by politics

See Amal's paintings
“I have a Bachelor's degree in economics and taught mathematics, English, and economics in secondary school since 1985,” she explains. “Three years ago my boss told me I had to retire. I had three young children at home and couldn’t afford to quit after working for only 15 years. I was told the regime had become suspicious of me and so I had no choice but to leave teaching. I looked, but I couldn’t find a new job [under Saddam]. And now, there is no work in Baghdad. I survive on my painting. I began drawing when I was eight years old.”
Amal shares family photos.

Amal’s home is in the Red Zone on Abu Nawas Street, which borders the Tigris River, across from the U.S.-controlled Green Zone.

[Editor’s note: According to “Baghdad's Green Zone, home to thousands of U.S., British and other coalition officials, as well as the headquarters of the U.S. military and the interim Iraqi government, was set up as an impregnable fortress against the mayhem outside. In the beginning, the "Green" stood for healthy, protected, ready-to-go. Everything outside was dubbed the "Red Zone"—unhealthy, dangerous, best not to go.”]
In fact, there is no safe haven in Iraq any more, as the Green Zone increasingly comes under attack by insurgents and other anti-American forces.
Defying Saddam----the rest of this story, and others

Read also--The Hidden Cost of War and the AFSC news in context

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I thought of buena today

It is Sat. nite, and I am preparing a presentation on the Dept of Peace, for 9 am tomorrow--well, NO, right now I am blogging, when I should be doing the above.
But, I am mostly prepared for it already, and just had to think a bit more about Buena.
I used to live there, a million years ago. Seven years ago actually. I lived in a rural, isolated, area of SJ, on ten acres of land that butted up against the Pinelands and a horse ranch.
Off one of the few main highways in that area, down a gravel road, and then down a dirt road that ended at my door, was the old, concrete Russian farm house where I existed. When I first saw it, it had actual shutters with moons and stars cut into the wood. Quaint. I liked it.

What I liked even more, though, was the land. In buena, I grew fields of flowers. Statice, strawflowers, cosmos, snapdragons, hollyhocks, all shades and sizes of sunflowers, lots of flowers. I could walk down the rows of 3-4 feet high strawflowers, and literally be walking through masses of butterflies feeding on the flowers. There were rows of cilantro, I love the smell of cilantro---and, it keeps deer away, just FYI; rows of herbs, lemon verbana is exquisite, as is borage. I would pull the flowers off the plant, float them in a glass of wine or a cup of herb tea, and sit out there in the evening. Did you know that Roman soldiers use to eat borage for courage in the battlefields?

And the birds...this pre buena almost city girl was amazed at the birds. Two hummingbirds would come by every year and hang out by my breakfast room window. They liked the hummingbird trumpet vine and the red zinnias.
And, every year, the flock, and I mean a lot of birds were in this flock, they would come and settle like a golden blanket on the dirt driveway leading up to the front steps. Goldfinchs I guess they were. I had never seen so many birds all at once, just there, sitting the length of the driveway, and spread out onto the grass. A mass of lovely gold had settled on my dirt and gravel.

And today, as I walked through a place far away from Buena, in the area that is now my home, I saw a flicker of gold in someone's pretty garden. It was a goldfinch. Just one. But it brought me back. Back to the fields, and the family, and the life that I once had.
That I no longer have.
I don't usually let myself linger in those memories. It is not productive, and loss is not something to linger over. I have my life still, my body is intact, my mind is intact, my me is intact. My children are intact. My job is intact and in fact, I have been promoted a few times since then.

But the evil of other venues, that I try to confront and change through various ways, visited me down in pretty buena many years ago. I know what it is to be a victim. I know what it is to try for justice in our injustice system. I know what it is to have someone or something walk into your life and think it would be best if you were gone. That it would be more financially viable for them if you would juuust not exist.
To look at you and think that you have no value as a life.

Well, I am rambling here, and there is work to do, and I have yet to answer some comments, and yet to thank Societas for his fantastic work on the Patriot Act--a blog post is coming on that. How eloquent some people are! How discerning and able to pull diverse threads together.
And I have yet to post here about the wonderful work that Pax and his blogger friends are doing around the missing woman that the mainstream media HAS not covered...
and just thinking about the positive people who work from the source of helpful for my soul, and for others. I do believe that there are more lights in this world than patches of darkness.
Even so, I do feel like I have had to wrestle, sometimes literally, with humans who are bent on destruction, whether that destruction serves a purpose of sheer madness, or cold greed, since I was 11. It only stops me in my tracks momentarily, though. Today a flickering of gold feathers did.
But now, back to work. Because a war still rages, and the violence that men do is expounded by our current soulless administration and their actions. Evil, I know it when I see it, cause it has knocked at my door before.

Bush is a Back Door man now....

Well, if the boy who would be pres doesn't get what he wants one way, he'll just sneak it in through the back door. After all, it's not like he has to care what the public, the senate or the congress have to say about anything........He 's going to try and push Bolton through during the Senate recess...HERE is the info and TalkLeft has more, with comments....
CODEPINK, where are you????

Friday, July 29, 2005

Everything you wish you didn't know about Judge Dread Roberts

Empire Burlesque reveals some of the fuglyness:
--------"Background Check------Want to know more about Judge Dread Roberts, corporate bagman, champion of mountain-top removal mining, recreational guzzler of Pepto-Bismol? Cockburn and St. Clair are on the case. And no molly-coddler of criminals, he: Roberts Upheld Arrest of 12-Year Old for Eating French Fries on the Subway.
Meanwhile, the wife of the affable bagman turns out to be a big-time Right-wing player: a top member of the anti-choice group "Feminists for Life" (yes, another of those inverted Orwellian titles that Bushists love so well) and a high-roller in the Iraq war pork stakes, as intrepid investigator Margie Burns reports.

Strip mining, mountain killing, womb controlling, child arresting, war profiteering: why, the dread pirate Roberts is a veritable poster boy for the Bushist Way! All this, and an eager beaver protege of race-baiting, vote-suppressing William Rehnquist, foisted on the Court as a sick joke by Richard Nixon!

Get this man to the High Bench pronto!
Update: Max Blumenthal informs us that Roberts was also the attorney for Fox Television when it successfully thwarted government regulations against media saturation by a single conglomerate. A bagman for Rupert Murdoch too! Can this guy be any more perfect? What next? Is he Jesse Helms' secret love child?"
Meanwhile, fight back against the prior Fox tv lawyer, HERE---Does anyone want a Faux tv defender on the Supreme Court?

And see what Barbara Boxer has to say about him,

And yet more on Judge Roberts, HERE, including this bit "Former U.S. Deputy Solicitor General for Kenneth Starr, 1989-1993."

Thursday, July 28, 2005

First, let me preface this post....

I would never never had given this story credence a few years ago. But, as someone who likes to dig down to source, I had to adjust to a reality shock in 2003. 2003 is when I started to first wrap my brain around the idea that my government, our government, would actually kill us in order to make a killing.
SCARY thought, indeed.

From a personal and professional viewpoint, medbh should not have taken that long to think that evil could manifest itself in that way. Has she not, in her 20 + years of social work, viewed hell on this earth? ie;

It is 1990 something, and one of her fellow case workers is pleading with medbh to come with her to a house in the rural area of SJ. " I can't stand going there, oh please, medbh, you don't have to come in, just sit in the car outside, I just want to know that someone else is there, somewhere close by."
It's not like medbh doesn't have her own caseload, so she asks why this confident, self assured young social worker needs someone to go with her on a home visit.
" My client was born without arms or legs. Her IQ is in the single digits. Last year, her stepfather got her pregnant. Her mother refused to press charges. The baby was given away by the mother. The father still lives in the house, and medbh, I just can't go there without someone else around. What kind of sick f**k would do something like that? And what kind of parent lets her husband rape her retarded, limbless daughter and keeps him home with her, and sleeps with him?"

the evil again. the evil showed itself that day. medbh went with her bud to the home. She waited in the car. Spitting in the eye of a rapist is just not allowed in the NJ social work system. Yes, we did all that we could to safeguard the young woman. Yes, other steps were taken. Bet that I found out what we could do to get rid of the evil in that home. But it wasn't easy.
Although it was yet one more slide into the eye of the dregs of the evils in our world. The same evil that could beat a defense less prisoner to death, that could lynch a person because of the color of their skin, that could pray to a christian god while steering a slave ship.
That could in 2005, in the continent of Africa....condemn condoms as a useless way to avoid Aids. That could, in 2001, destroy thousands of innocent lives, for personal and financial gain.
Hence this report. Look evil in the eye. Research more, go ahead. The more that you do, the closer to the iris you get.
via the blondes
Bin Laden Brothers Tip-Off Two NASA Research Scientists In 1987 About U.S. Government Plans To Cause 9/11
Now Third Person Comes Forward To Verify Scientists'

Incredible StoryFrom
Besides the tip-off about 9/11, one of the researchers involved in a government-funded advanced brain development program says she uncovered a secret study called "Global Cleanse 2000" outlining U.S. Government strategies for intitiating global war and population reduction.
July 27, 2005
By Greg Szymanski
"Rene Welch cut 'a deal with the devil,' a deal she recently broke when she went public about her two 1987 encounters with Saudi royals, including two of the bin Laden brothers who claimed the U.S. government was actively involved in pre-arranging 9/11.

"Welch'’s incredible story, first made public in May, has already been verified by one other former NASA scientist. But this week another person present at the meeting also came forward to verify Welch's story.
"The meetings with the Saudis took place in Sedona and Pleasant Valley, Arizona, and lasted more than eight hours each time, the bin Ladens revealing in 1987 detailed plans how the U.S. government was planning to attack the World Trade Center, kicking off a global catastrophe, including a massive war in the Middle East.

"Besides being verified by Ronald Logsdon, 49, of Philadelphia, a scientist who worked in a NASA program with Welch and also present at the bin Laden meetings, this week long time Sedona resident, Naomi Niles, also verified the Sedona meeting took place.

"Yes, I was there at one of the meetings back in 1987," said Niles this week from her Sedona home, adding the details of the story should be left for Logsdon and Welch to describe since she was not a part of the NASA program.

"And Welch not only learned about the U.S. government's pre-planning of 9/11 from the bin Ladens back in 1987, but this week from her Albuquerque home Welch added more, saying when working for NASA as a scientist on brain development research in Phoenix, she obtained a secret computer code and was able to uncover the findings of a government-funded project titled  Global Cleanse 2000, a study outlining strategies for global war and population reduction.

"After learning of the government's evil intentions almost 20 years ago and being a government target ever since, Welch talked about 'the deal she made with the devil,' adding she always had a tacit understanding with FBI and CIA operatives, that if she'd 'shut up and lay low,' they'd leave her alone.

"But two months ago Welch broke the deal, deciding to tell America what she learned about the U.S. government's pre-planning of 9/11, saying although the story's a hard pill to swallow and 'may sound unbelievable,' she felt the need to risk public humiliation, government harassment and warn Americans anyway.

"Just like before, they'll be after me again now that I went public", said Welch who has been drugged and beaten on several occasions by government operatives.
The rest of the story, HERE

So, let's do a google search and see what we come up with on Global Cleanse.
I've seen evil.
Money does very,very strange things to people.
I've seen egos.
Egos who think that their essence has a higher worth than others.
Egos and evil.
A very horrendous combination.
I've seen it up close and personal.
If you haven't, then you will find lots of reasons to blow this story off.

It wasn't torture, we were just trying out some new techniques

.....and even if it was, we're not going to respond to demands and questions about this issue either!
From the Center For Constitutional Rights
Don’t let Cheney bully the Senate. Join the Center for Constitutional Rights in writing your senators to demand an independent investigation into abuse and torture of detainees by clicking here now.

This week, Senator Carl Levin introduced an important amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act calling for an independent investigation into allegations of abuse in U.S. custody. Modeled after the 9/11 Commission, this panel would ask the hard questions the Bush Administration has been dodging for the past year.

Vice President Cheney has threatened to veto any bill that includes a call for an independent commission because the Bush Administration does not want their actions scrutinized by a truly independent body. They have repeatedly cleared themselves of any wrongdoing, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Tell your senators to stand up and hold the Bush Administration accountable. Write them by clicking here or copy and past this URL into your browser.


Ron Daniels

Executive Director

Also--a report that is graphic disturbing, and "official", HERE:

While in America, the land of the free, barefoot and pregnant, (thank you GWB)........

WHY are those bastards against birth control? What, they want their sperm canonized??? It's not that special right wing dude, really! And WE are NOT going to go backwards in order to prop up the corporations push to dumb down America, and your push to up the worth of your sperm!
TAKE ACTION!!--unless you actually want a whole lot more people to grow up poor, right wing and clueless. Cause, if they won't teach birth control, and they won't fill the birth control scripts, we will be overrun by right wing christian walmart drones for the corporations, in the blink of time's eye.
It's official: Americans can no longer take prescription birth control for granted. Yesterday, Monday, July 25, anti-choice representatives in the U.S. House made it clear that they support pharmacies that refuse to fill birth-control prescriptions - and that women have no right to birth control.

The radical right's campaign to stop birth control.

The House Small Business Committee held a hearing on whether pharmacies should be allowed to refuse to fill women's prescriptions. Anti-choice Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told a witness, who had been denied birth control and emergency contraception by her pharmacist, that she had no "right" to her prescriptions - she only believed she did.

Anti-choice Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) told a witness whose prescription had also been rejected by a hostile pharmacist, that her "minor inconvenience" - that is, risking an unintended pregnancy - was nothing compared to the "conscience" of a pharmacist.

Don't just Blog, Take Action!!!

petitions up at medbhletters--help someone, and help our environment!!

and read this expose on mercury poisoning from Rolling Stone mag., also--this touches a raw nerve with lots of people I work with--guys--flood them with samples, and send this to everyone you know!and, I have to run to work now, and can't delve into it BUT--the Patriot ACT had protections against the drug companies who manufactured the vaccines that had a component that was linked to causing autism--the patriot Act.........
Dear Medbh,

Rolling Stone recently published an investigation about mercury in vaccines that made my jaw drop. And, as you signed our petition to stop mercury pollution, I thought you'd like to help out today:

The claim: the US Government covered up findings that mercury-laced vaccines cause autism and even continued to vaccinate children once the risk had been suggested. I was so mad, I wanted to just ignore the whole thing, but then I acknowledged that I needed to try turn one of the most damaging health care scandals of our time into an opportunity to make positive change.

For several weeks now, Care2 has been helping Greenpeace perform the largest ever study of mercury contamination, and now, with renewed urgency, I am asking you to take part. The results of this study won't be hidden or covered up; they will become public knowledge so that our lawmakers will be forced to address the issue of mercury contamination.

But we need 10,000 people to participate so that we get a good, unbiased sample that can't be discredited by companies who don't want government regulation to cut into their profit margins for the sake of public health. Please don't wait for the government to tell us it made another mistake (or hide one). Join me in protecting our future from mercury damage today.
Get a kit today: -
Hilary S. Care2, and

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Democracy GWB? Democracy for who? What, the little women in Iraq don't need y'all's democracy?

Bastards. Democracy. Bastards. Democracy.
That's a refrain that keeps bleeping through my thoughts everytime I read about the GWB's war. And I am sure all females young and old, in Iraq, keep repeating a similar refrain about his Iraqi by way of corporate Texas brand of democracy.

Now, the Unconstitution of Iraq could set them back even further than they are already. From Human Rights Watch:
Iraqi Constitution Must Not Erode Women's Rights(New York, July 28, 2005) --

Iraq's permanent constitution should not erode the rights of women, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to the chairman of the constitutional drafting committee. The committee is due to transfer the draft constitution to the Iraqi National Assembly by August 15 for debate and approval.
"Members of the drafting committee will have to decide whether to protect women's rights or erode them for political gain," said Janet Walsh, acting Women's Rights director at Human Rights Watch. "We strongly urge them to make the right choice and to advance basic rights for women." Iraq's interim constitution, also known as the Temporary Administrative Law, contained an equal protection clause guaranteeing all Iraqi citizens the equal protection of the law as well as a provision granting Iraqi women a substantial number of seats in parliament. Human Rights Watch said that it is vital that these important guarantees not be rolled back in the new permanent constitution now being drafted.
"The interim constitution is not a perfect document," said Walsh. "It failed explicitly to guarantee women equal rights in the family and in society more broadly, but members of the drafting committee now have a chance to ensure that these guarantees are spelled out in the new constitution."

from Women for Women International:
Women’s rights in Iraq are being threatened in a draft of the new Iraq Constitution. If the proposed constitutional language is adopted, it would affect the future of Iraq and all aspects of women’s lives -- social, political and economic. As the August 15th deadline for the Constitution approaches, we need your help to raise awareness and share the voices of Iraqi women. Click here now to see what you can do.
In the past 13 years of working exclusively with women in post-conflict regions, I have concluded that to build stronger nations you need to build stronger women, from the grassroots up. When women prosper, countries thrive. In nations overcoming war and conflict, when women are protected and engaged as full citizens, the entire country fares better. Stronger women lead to stronger nations.
In our own January 2005 survey, 1,000 Iraqi women said loud and clear that they do not want their rights taken away. An overwhelming 94 percent said that they wanted to secure legal rights for women and more than 90 percent expressed their hope for the future.

July 23rd went well

The anniversary of the Downing St minutes, and the 300 actions nationwide were packed.
I hopped a bus to NYC and ran up to Rockefeller Center to join the demonstration there, but, as usual, got a bit lost, couldn't find NBC news, and since it was getting close to 11:30, had to split and walk quickly all the way down to the Soho area, past Washington Park, in order to make it to the Dept. of Peace training. That was great, five hours long, but informative and inspiring.
Lots of people from NYC there, only two from new joisey, me being one of them. If you haven't yet sent your congressperson an email requesting their support for the bill, please DO SO NOW! Go to and click on the link. It's quick and easy to do.
Our world needs a new way of seeing itself. It needs a different filter. A Dept of Peace, and all that the bill entails might seem way to "futuristic",to some, but everything that is now was once an idea in the past. Go for it.

Enough about my Saturday. Check out all of the other Downing Street happenings from last Sat! Of course, since five links I have checked to the actions last Sat. are now corrupted.....check back later and I will hopefully be able to post them then!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Next Day planning! Whoops--late notice, but if you are in the area, join UFPJ!

And yet one more excellent reason to try and derail any more Cheneyettes from their killing track.
In the NY Times today, there is an article on page 23 titled "Cheney working to Block Legislation on Detainees."

from the article by Eric Schmidt, " VP Dick Cheney is leading a high level White House lobbying effort to block legislation offered by Republican Senators that would regulate the detention, treatment, and trials of detainees held by the American military.

In an unusual, 30 minute private meeting on Capitol Hill on Thursday night, Mr. Cheney warned three senior Republican members of the Armed Services Committee that their proposed legislation would interfere with the president's authority and his ability to protect Americans agaisnt terrorist attacks.

The legislation, which is still being drafted, includes provisions to bar the military from hiding prisoners from the Red Cross; prohibit cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment of detainees; and use only interrogation techniques authorized in a new Army field manual."

The three Senators involved are John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and John W. Warner of Virginia.

(don't mail letters, as,due to the anthrax scare, letters are put through a screening technique that can smear the ink, and it can take up to 2 weeks before the smeared letters make it to their destination)
The articled above just begs the questions, "Why would you want to hide prisoners from the Red Cross? Why would a President want such unchecked power---who is he planning on detaining??? Who does he already have in detainment whom he does not want the public to know oof? Why would he want to use "techniques" that are inhuman, degrading, and/or cruel?
and again--who do he and his cabal already have in detainment, and who is he planning to lock up and torture, that he needs to send the halliburton VP to warn and attempt to intimidate three REPUBLICAN senators??
What the hell are they planning now?

If you are in North Jersey, NYC tomorrow, join UFPJ in theri protest action against Cheney's appearance there:
Peace Action of Staten Island is inviting people from throughout the greater New York area to join them this coming Monday as Vice President Dick Cheney speaks to a Republican fundraising event. Here are the details:
Monday, July 25th at 6 pmat the Excelsior Grand, 2380 Hylan Blvd. in New Dorp, Staten Island. Dick Cheney speaking at a fundraising event for Rep. Vito Fossella
If you are coming from the Staten Island Ferry, take the S78 bus to Otis Ave. and Hylan Blvd.Bring your signs and banners!!
Here is the link to an article from last Wednesday on the Cheney visit.... and a copy of the article is included below.
You can contact Peace Action of Staten Island through their web site at

Via DCMedia Girl

Dear Red States,
We’re ticked off at the way you’ve treated California, and we’ve decided we’re leaving. We intend to form our own country, and we’re taking the other Blue States with us.
In case you aren’t aware, that includes Hawaii, Oregon, Washington,Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and all the Northeast.
We believe this split will be beneficial to the nation, and especially to the people of the new country of New California.

To sum up briefly: You get Texas, Oklahoma and all the slave states.
We get stem cell research and the best beaches. We get Elliot Spitzer. You get Ken Lay. We get the Statue of Liberty. You get OpryLand. We get Intel and Microsoft. You get WorldCom. We get Harvard. You get Ole’ Miss.

We get 85 percent of America’s venture capital and entrepreneurs. You get Alabama. We get two-thirds of the tax revenue, you get to make the red states pay their fair share.
Since our aggregate divorce rate is 22 percent lower than the Christian Coalition’s, we get a bunch of happy families. You get a bunch of single moms. Please be aware that Nuevo California will be pro-choice and anti-war, and we’re going to want all our citizens back from Iraq at once.

If you need people to fight, ask your evangelicals. They have kids they’re apparently willing to send to their deaths for no purpose, and they don’t care if you don’t show pictures of their children’s caskets coming home.

We do wish you success in Iraq but we’re not willing to spend our resources in Bush’s Quagmire.
With the Blue States in hand, we will have firm control of 80 percent of the country’s fresh water, more than 90 percent of the pineapple and lettuce, 92 percent of the nation’s fresh fruit, 95 percent of America’squality wines (you can serve French wines at state dinners), 90 percent of all cheese, 90 percent of the high tech industry, most of the U.S. low-sulfur coal, all living redwoods, sequoias and condors, all the Ivy and Seven Sister schools, plus Harvard, Yale, Stanford, CalTech and MIT.

With the Red States, on the other hand, you will have to cope with 88 percent of all obese Americans (and their projected health care costs), 92 percent of all U.S. mosquitoes, nearly 100 percent of the tornadoes, 90 percent of the hurricanes, 99 percent of all Southern Baptists, virtually100 percent of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson and the University of Georgia. We get Hollywood and Yosemite, thank you.

Additionally, 38 percent of those in the Red states believe Jonah was actually swallowed by a whale, 62 percent believe life is sacred unless we’re discussing the death penalty or gun laws, 44 percent say thatevolution is only a theory, 53 percent that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and 61 percent of you crazy bastards believe you are people with higher morals than we lefties.
Author Unknown in New California.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Week Ahead planning......In NYC on July 30th? Help UFPJ end the war!

Saturday, July 30: Day of Massive Leaflet Distribution for UFPJ's Sept. 24-26 D.C. Antiwar Mobilization
End the War on Iraq; Bring Our Troops Home Now!
With our September Antiwar Mobilization in Washington D.C. only two months away, our New York outreach campaign is expanding. We've already rallied support from large numbers of organizations and already distributed tens of thousands of leaflets, but our work is just beginning.

With public opinion in our favor, we have the capacity to make this one of the most powerful anti-war mobilizations in history. If we are going to fill the streets of Washington, we need tens of thousands of people to come from the greater NYC area.

UFPJ needs your involvement to make this possible. We are organizing a day of massive leaflet distribution on Saturday, July 30th. It is critical that as many people as possible help get the word out in every borough and several major events that day.
Below is all the information you need to make our presence unavoidable in NYC on the 30th and even more so in D.C. during the September actions.
Please call us at 212-868-5545 or reply to this email address if you'd like to take part in this outreach. If you cannot participate in the July 30th day of outreach, don't worry, there are lots of other ways you can help; for example, you can volunteer in the office, help with ongoing leafleting in your neighborhood, or attend upcoming mobilizing meetings.
Please call the office to discuss how you can be more involved. Your hard work and dedication for peace and justice is always deeply appreciated.
Follow the links below to get started:(1)
Distribution centers where you can get leaflets (2) Suggested locations for leaflet distribution(3) Suggested events for leaflet distribution
together, we can end the war, and create peace

In the DC area on July 28th? Add your voice.

With a looming potential shift in the balance of the Supreme Court, the stakes for women have never been higher. Now more than ever, it's time to make our voices heard.

The appointment of an ultra-conservative Supreme Court justice could turn back the clock on a range of critical issues that affect women, including the right to birth control and abortion, affirmative action, the environment, and civil rights for women, minorities, lesbian and gay people, and the disabled.
The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) interns are calling on all young feminist and progressive leaders to join us July 28 for a briefing on Capitol Hill – "Save the Supreme Court. Save Women’s Lives."
Keynote speakers include Senator Barbara Boxer* (D-CA), FMF President Eleanor Smeal, and National Organization for Women President Kim Gandy, with more to be announced shortly. We must act now to protect our rights. Join us Thursday, July 28 to learn how you can take action to save the court and save women's lives.
Please forward this announcement and the
flyer, which is available for download, to all young feminist and progressive interns, staff, and activists you know. RSVP is strongly recommended. RSVP to or call 703-522-2214 as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you Thursday, July 28!
For equality!

Disgrace after disgrace---loss of life and yet more loss of life, and for what?

via Blondsense, and go there for more info
Trapped Soldiers Need Help!
“My son in law in Iraq said they are being pressured round the clock to re-enlist or face stop loss. They are being offering $30,000 tax free signing bonus, and told if they don't re-enlist they are going to be Stop Lossed and get zero dollars.

They are pushing the troops round the clock to re-enlist. Mark got only three hours sleep in 48 hours but when he got back he was again faced with re-enlisting. Mark said many guys are scared and are signing up, and their families at home are very upset -- for good reason.
We really need to push our media and congressmen to expose the horrible way our troops are being treated.”-Lisa Gill-Son-in-law in Iraq"March 05, it was time for both to make the decision to re-enlist.
Already under orders to redeploy and already under Stop-Loss, their choices were 1) don't re-enlist but wind up in Iraq anyway under Stop-Loss and 2) re-enlist; while you'll still wind up in Iraq under, at least you'll have the attractive bonus being offered.
"The point is that the 'high retention' rate that is being touted as demonstrative of a soldier's fervor and good faith in the war is another deception being foisted on the media and public. Closer to the truth is that they are in and they cannot get out. It is entrapment from the front end with deceptive recruitment practices, again at re-enlistment time with the threat of deployment to Iraq under Stop Loss, and again when their contract ends and they are kept in and deployed via Stop Loss.

What continues to be called an 'all voluntary military' has become an 'involuntary military' through the use strategies of deception and legal maneuvering for which there seems to be no remedy for Stop Loss."-Lietta Ruger-Family with two Iraq veterans; second deploymentsIntervention Magazine (LINK)Cindy Sheehan also has something to say in the article.

Stop loss is also called, The Backdoor Draft--check it out, HERE

impeach BUSH and jail the rest, for this callous treatment of the men and women they profess to honor.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Don't cry baby, people are working very hard to get America out of Iraq, and to put the BAD men in jail..

This Saturday, July 23rd, is a very important day. It is the third anniversary of the Downing St. memo's. There are
actions all over the country that are scheduled for this Saturday, in order to make the American public aware of the gravity and importance of those memos. JOIN ONE!

(baby's pic from BBC's "
Iraq's hospitals under strain")

The Plame expose is connected to the Downing Street Memos. Want the skinny on the Plame outing? From Truthout, "In 16 now infamous words in Bush's 2003 State of the Union speech, the president - desperate to gain support for an invasion he was dead set on initiating - tried to scare Americans into believing Iraq was close to making nuclear weapons. "The British government," he told the nation, "has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." But the key documents that the claim was based on had already been proved to be fakes, and other intelligence reports along these lines were extremely speculative.
In fact, it was a CIA-organized mission by Wilson to the African country of Niger (where he had served as ambassador) that determined the reports were false. Wilson was therefore shocked to hear the uranium claims in the president's speech. When he exposed the chicanery in a New York Times commentary, Wilson became a prime target for a White House smear job."

So, that is the skinny on the Plame/Iraq War/Downing St. memos. Our War Pres and his smelly crew concocted a war, and created such human misery, all because ......They wanted to. Rich Texas egos run big, even when they are all show, and no cattle. For more detailed, yet so readable reports on this issue, read the leftcoaster's, truthout's, the economist, and the rudepundits posts on it, you won't be bored.
And you will see yet more ways in which the Bsh administration, as the Downing St. memos state, "C reported on his recent talks in Washington. There was a perceptible shift in attitude. Military action was now seen as inevitable.
Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC had no patience with the UN route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action."

So, NOW that you know that your government has spent billions of your hard earned dollars, and has killed tens of thousands of people all for the dollar and the ego, what are you going to do about it?

A Psalm for 2000 +

*A Psalm for Today
Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want.

He maketh logs to be cut down in national forests.
He leadeth trucks into the still wilderness.
He restoreth my fears.
He leadeth me in the paths of international disgrace for his ego's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of pollution and war, I will find no exit, for thou art in office.
Thy tax cuts for the rich and thy media control, they discomfort me.
Thou preparest an agenda of deception in the presence of thy religion.
Thou anointest my head with foreign oil.
My health insurance runneth out.
Surely megalomania and false patriotism shall follow me all the days of thy term, And my jobless child shall dwell in my basement forever
I found this little jewel at Kill4Jesus."
via Blondsense

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Will It Be the Napalm from the Western side, or the suicide bombs from the Eastern side? Either way, there are now 30,000 homeless and frightened Fallujan's dwelling in camps outside of the city, in extreme poverty, waiting-----waiting to go home....Waiting for the Americans to leave, waiting for the insurgents to leave....
An Italian Aide group reports on the desperate people caught in the middle of this horrendous war for the war profiteers....

crisispictures "Iraqis search for their relatives among scores of bodies lying outside a morgue of a local hospital in the southern city of Hilla, 18 July 2005. The dead are victims of a suicide bomber that killed at least 60 people and wounded 85 in a massive fireball 17 July when he blew himself up next to a liquefied gas tanker outside a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad. (QASSEM ZEIN/AFP/Getty Images)"

Go MICK--The Stones Attack Bush On New Record--The Rolling Stones will deliver a musical attack on George W. Bush with their new album.

The Rolling Stones will deliver a musical attack on George W. Bush with their new album.
One track 'Neo-Con' is reported to question the political ambitions of Bush's war ethics.
Some fans are already questioning if the politically correct Stones go through with releasing the song on the album. The lyrics don't flatter in any way National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice.
The album was recorded late 2004 and early 2005 in France.
More, HERE, via, HERE

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

SO many Actions, So little time--But, at least pick one of them!

First--ask C-Span to cover the Downing St Minutes actions being held all over the country this Sat, the third anniversary of the meeting. Click HERE to take action!

And then, take part in one! In NYC, CODEPINK has organized a rally at Rockefeller Center, check that and more actions out HERE

Planned Parenthood asks "WHAT'S THEIR PROBLEM WITH BIRTH CONTROL?" Yet more right wing attacks on women! --:Smith Amendment. The House approved an amendment from anti-family planning zealot Chris Smith (R-NJ) that eliminates "contraception" services as a component in the prevention and treatment of fistula. Obstetric fistula is a devastating pregnancy-related disability affecting between 50,000 and 100,000 women each year. click Here to Take action and see how your rep voted!

HOW MUCH WORSE WILL IT GET FOR WOMEN???? George W. Bush has nominated extremist Judge John G. Roberts to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the resignation of Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. STOP his nomination!! Click HERE and HERE

And, if you are in Trenton or around Trenton, NJ tomorrow--JOIN the rally at the Statehouse!

Rally for Roe Thursday, July 21 at 12:30 pm on the steps of the State House in Trenton!
President Bush has nominated Judge John Roberts to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.
Join Planned Parenthood and our coalition partners as we rally in support of a thorough and deliberative confirmation process, calling on Judge Roberts to demonstrate his commitment to constitutional protection for women's health and reproductive rights!
Bring your family and friends and show your support for Roe! We will provide signs and t-shirts - you provide the energy and commitment to protecting Roe!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How Did This Country get So bad?

I was sitting around and pondering matters various and sundry. And I'm seriously wondering what has happened to our country
How did this country get so bad now? How did this country get so bad? How did this country get so bad now I 1 2 no!
The President and all his men are such a bunch of liars. You couldn't get the truth from them if you had a pair of pliers (Chorus)

They start a war against Iraq 'cause of mass destructive weapons. When they didn't find a single thing they said "Oh well, shit happens" (Chorus)

When George Bush got religion a heavenly message he was sent. To give a trillion dollars back to the upper one percent. Some 40 million people here ain't got no health insurer. But the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer (Chorus)

We tell the world we're going to give them true democracy. But the only thing that they perceive is our hypocrisy. George Bush he went to Russia, told them they should be more democratic. But Putin said to Bush shut up, 'cause we know what's in your attic (Chorus)

His re-election strategy was crafty, mean and three-fold. Suppress the vote, screw minorities, and machines all run by Diebold. The exit polls on election night said that Kerry was the winner. But Americans don't give a damn, they're too busy eating dinner (Chorus)

The corporations own the radio, newspapers and TV station. They tell you what they want you to know, they control the information. If you want to believe the media has all the best intention. Then ask them to report the truth about the things they never mention (Chorus)

All the other countries of the world went and signed the Kyoto treaty. America's the only one that decided to be greedy. They don't want a woman's right to choose or gay people to marry. Or for you to know they're stealing all the cash that they can carry (Chorus)

The born agains think the world soon ends in a flaming Armageddon They might as well dig a great big hole and stick their stupid head in If you don't believe in karma and you don't believe in love Then the only thing left to believe in is push and shove (Chorus)

ckick to download

Monday, July 18, 2005

Readings for the week, on the human triangle of death

From Yahoo, via Daily War NEWs--The US South lives on.......

"It may not have brought basic equality either. On the way out of Camp Lima Base were two latrines, one marked "Iraqis Only" and the other "No Iraqis -- Americans Only". Asked for an explanation, Major Booth replied that this was due to 'cultural differences'."

The above is from an article at Yahoo. It gives support to other articles coming out of Iraq about soldiers and racism. I remember marching in the 2005 inaugural protests in DC, and one of the chants was "1,2,3,4 we don't want your racist war. "

War, racism, and sexism all converge, this time, in Iraq. Some clarifying articles on the triangle of death, below.
From Double Tongue Word Wrestler---2005 Paul Rockwell Online Journal (Apr. 1) “Army reservist witnesses war crimes”: “Hajji” is the new slur, the new ethnic slur for Arabs and Muslims. It is used extensively in the military. The Arabic word refers to one who has gone on a pilgrimage to Mecca. But it is used in the military with the same kind of connotation as “gook,” “Charlie,” or the n-word. Official Army documents now use it in reference to Iraqis or Arabs. It’s real common. There was really a thick aura of racism."----

From Love, obscenity Obcenity-perspectives on the rape of Iraq----"What these messages convey most clearly is not hatred of peace, or hatred of the left, or hatred of Muslims, or even hatred of Guardian journalists. It is hatred of the body – and of the sexual bodies of women in particular. And it is not only angry American readers of the Guardian who sometimes imagine war as a form of intimate violence directed against a hated human body. At the outset of the 1991 Gulf War General Norman Schwarzkopf said: ‘I want every Iraqi soldier bleeding from every orifice.’

War is the ultimate form of violation. It is a violation of other people’s sovereign territory and it is, necessarily, a violation of other people’s bodies. It is a violation of the sanctity with which we normally surround life itself – to which even the soldiers of an oppressive and hated regime are normally held to have a right. This does not mean that war is not sometimes necessary. But it is an obscene necessity to be resorted to with the utmost rareness."

From The Black Commentator:
"The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line - the relation of the darker to the lighter races of men in Asia and Africa, in America and the islands of the sea." - W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk, February, 1903.
A young William Edward Burghardt DuBois wrote those words with some measure of hopefulness, inviting the reader to "behold a century new for the duty and the deed." The duty was to solve the "problem of the color-line" by decisive deeds. One hundred years later, the nation in which DuBois experienced "
two-ness - an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body" - is engaged in a global race war. Dubois would immediately recognize the white supremacist character of the Bush men's New American Century. Although only a relatively small group of rich and venal men stand to profit from the present day Pirates' policy of Permanent War, the project requires the assent of an imperial-minded majority of white people, collectively demanding their entitlement: dominion.

Can you say Police State?

And in NYC, no less. How very DC BUSH of them........
Join Code Pink New York on July 19th in Central Park at the Philharmonic concert to support New Yorkers’ rights to assemble. When: Tuesday July 19, 7 PMWhere: Central Park, Great Lawn (look for the pink helium balloons on the west side of the lawn)

Before the concert we will hand out flyers with information on Bloomberg's and the NYC Parks Department's proposal to limit the amount, size and kind of large public gatherings that take place at Central Park's Great Lawn. The City says no more Dave Matthews and Dali Lama and no more public rallies. We say it’s the People's Park. It’s our public space; our commons and we have a right to utilize these spaces for various kinds of culture and for freedom of speech.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Crank up those helpful fingers-- medbhletters has posts up, and some people need your help. And also check out how you helped people! You did make a difference! Thank you!

Why he needs to be indicted for War Crimes. Why we need to continue to push for an investiagtion.

Rove, Plame, Wilson, Bush and WMD's--circa Feb 2004:
"Is this the kind of investigation that Bush promised about the outing of a CIA operative? The kind of investigation, like all other Bush administration whitewashes, that stalls and stalls and stalls in order to hide the truth, because of what it will reveal, we suspect, about the betrayals of the Bush administration. Ask Valerie Plame or Joe Wilson. For months, Bush didn't even care that two of his staffers outed a CIA operative specializing, get this, in finding out who is trafficking in Weapons of Mass Destruction. That's right Bush sanctioned and condoned his staff undermining the very individual who was trying to find out who was dealing in WMDs that might threaten our national security." The rest, HERE

It's on you, it's on US. Send the PINK SLIP to ROVE, let his cronies know that they are next...

And tell Bush to fire him, too.

Read more, HERE, and support John Conyers Investigation, Host a Downing Street House Party.

July 23rd is the third anniversary of the Downing Street MEMOS--TAKE ACTION

Over 150 Events Planned on 3rd Anniversary of Downing Street Memo Congressional Town Hall Meetings, Public Forums, Dramatic Recreations, House Parties, Rallies, and Study Circles on July 23, 2005
On July 23, 2005, events around the United States will mark the three-year anniversary of the meeting at #10 Downing Street in London, England, that was recorded in the now infamous minutes known as the "Downing Street Memo."
At least eight events will be hosted by or participated in by Members of Congress, including John Conyers in Detroit, Jim McDermott in Seattle, Barbara Lee in Oakland, Maxine Waters in Los Angeles, and Maurice Hinchey in New York.
Congressman Charles Rangel will host an electronic town-hall meeting, answering questions from his New York constituents on the internet, from noon to 1 p.m., July 22. Congressman Xavier Becerra will host an event in Los Angeles on July 30, and Congressman Barney Frank in Boston on July 31.
Co-Founder of the After Downing Street Coalition, constitutional attorney John Bonifaz will speak at a town hall meeting on July 23rd in Northampton, Mass. On July 23rd, in over 150 towns and cities, prominent speakers and ordinary citizens will hold public forums, perform dramatic recreations of the Downing Street meeting, and host house parties and study circles.
Sixty-six events and counting are listed online at For details on events in any part of the country, see this map: . Another 16 events on surrounding days are also listed on the site. In addition, Congressman Conyers' office has organized 105 house parties through their website.

See Conference Call for House Parties: Congressman Conyers and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson will participate in a national conference call with house party attendees from 4 to 4:30 p.m. ET. For details, contact Jonathan Godfrey at 202-744-7441 or .

Blogging All Day: Bloggers will report on events from around the country during the day at Action Across the Atlantic:
On July 23rd, at 2 p.m. GMT just outside the gates to Downing Street in London, England, a group of actors and activists will perform a dramatic recreation of the Downing Street Memo as a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The event is being organized by members of Bedford Stop the War, a member of the Stop the War Coaltion, and of After Downing Street. For more information, contact Linda Jack at (44) 7793556099, or
E-Town Hall on the 22nd: Congressman Charles Rangel's E-town hall meeting will begin at 1 p.m. ET on July 22nd. For more information, go to: Agenda for National Day of Events:
The agenda at various of these events will include speeches, panel discussions, viewing of DVDs, dramatic recreations of the Downing Street Minutes, debates, writing postcards and letters to congress members and senators not present, writing letters to the editor, training participants in effective lobbying, honoring local fallen soldiers, and planning local marches and flyering campaigns – with such actions in some cases immediately following the event.
Resources for these events have been made available by the After Downing Street Coalition at Participants around the country will be encouraged to • promote coverage of the Downing Street Minutes by their local media,
• gather signatures on Congressman Conyers' letter to the President asking for explanations of the Downing Street Minutes (there are now 131 signatures by congress members and over 576,984 by U.S. citizens),
• promote support for a Resolution of Inquiry expected to be introduced in the House of Representatives,
• promote support for a Resolution expected to be introduced in the House of Representatives, which would create a select committee to investigate reports of a pre-war deal between the United Kingdom and the United States and evidence that pre-war intelligence was intentionally manipulated.
• lobby the Senate Intelligence Committee to conduct the investigation of pre-war intelligence that it has failed to follow through on. Details for Each Event:
For details on events in any part of the country, see this map: is a rapidly growing coalition of veterans' groups, peace groups, and political activist groups, which launched on May 26, 2005, a campaign to urge the U.S. Congress to begin a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

George Galloway Speaks on the London bombings

He speaks clearly, and we should all listen:

....When I was on the Labour Benches and spoke in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, I said that I despise Osama bin Laden. The difference is that I have always despised him. I did so when the Government, in this very House, gave him guns, money and encouragement, and set him to war in Afghanistan. I said that if they handled that event in the wrong way, they would create 10,000 bin Ladens. Does anyone doubt that 10,000 bin Ladens at least have been created by the events of the past two and a half years? If they do, they have their head in the sand.

....It does not matter whether Britain replaces the Trident submarine system with another. The threat now, as the hon. Member for Vale of Glamorgan (John Smith) made clear, is not the intercontinental ballistic missiles of other countries but the asymmetrical threat of angry people who hate us and who are ready to exchange their lives for several of ours, or hundreds of ours, or thousands of ours, if they can do so. Is that really so hard to grasp?

.....He talked about an Afghan army—it is a fantasy. Afghanistan is a patchwork quilt of warlordism, where the warlords' armies dwarf the so-called Afghan national army. He talked about drugs and narcotics: before we invaded the country those lunatics of the Taliban were reducing heroin production in Afghanistan, but the people whom we have put into power there have increased production by 800 per cent. Our armed forces are in Afghanistan and our taxes are being used to support a political structure that is producing 90 per cent. of the junk that ends up in the veins of our young people in Glasgow, east London and many other places in the world.

....One thousand, eight hundred American boys, conscripted by poverty, unemployment and poor opportunities, have lost their lives as a result of the pack of lies that was the case for the invasion of Iraq, and 17,000 American boys have been wounded. Ten per cent. of them are amputees, who will have to go around with no legs for the rest of their lives as a result of the pack of lies on which we went to war in Iraq.

the complete piece from Empire Burlesque

Always the littlest victims suffer most--what you won't find in the NY Times

Child Workers Help Their Families Get By
Fatherless families send children as young as eight out to work on the streets.......of Iraq

Blood is needed in Iraq--sell yours for ten US dollars

Insurgency Provides Financial Lure ..

The Buhriz mystery pictures--remember this picture? One of the soldiers there reports back to crisis pictures:

War....what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Unless you are paid billions by our government to manufacture shit for it.

Not enough caskets in Iraq...

While casket prices increased due to the ever increasing demand, it is impossible to find caskets for the bodies of the poor and homeless.
pic from...crisipictures

5 suicide car bombers blow themselves and others up in Baghdad, in 1 day, this past Friday---see how many others lost their lives on Bloody Friday
update--Yahoo reports 10 suicide car bombs on Bloody Friday.....

although Thursday may now be our bloodiest day of the week--27 children died in a suicide car bomb, one week after the London bombings....

How many more of these pictures do we have to see? How many more millions will be paid to Halliburton, how much more will Dick Cheney collect in his retirement monies from them, while poor Iraqis don't have enough money to buy coffins for their dead, and the coffins of our soldiers still are not shown? For how much longer will the media talk about Brad and Angie's fake fight fest movie while ignoring the reality of Iraq violence? Take Action..when all is said and done, and Iraq becomes what Vietnam now is.. ..a vacation spot... will you tell your children that you opposed this needless slaughter of human life?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stay Informed!

The Council for a livable World keeps you abreast of what your government is voting on!
The National Security Legislative Calendar
Dear Friend,

Capital Hill has never been a place for the easily confused, but even the most clear-minded person can use a shortcut. That is why every Monday morning while Congress is in session the Council for a Livable World emails subscribers a list of updates on Congressional activity related to weapons of mass destruction and defense spending.

The National Security Legislative Calendar is an invaluable resource that hundreds of people on Capital Hill read in order to stay up-to-date on important activity. It is compiled and edited by John Isaacs, who has focused on national security issues in Washington, D.C. for more than 30 years.To sign up now, just click here.

We would like to extend an invitation to you to sign up for the National Security Calendar at no risk. It is a free service extended to the public at no cost, and your email address will not be used for any other purpose or sold to third parties. We only ask that if you find the Calendar a useful resource that you tell others about it.To sign up just click here, no other information is required.
We hope that you will find the Calendar as useful as others have, and that we’ll be visiting your inbox on Monday morning.

Guy StevensChief Operating Officer
Council for a Livable World
p.s. Just in case you're curious, but are unsure about wanting to sign up, please take a look below at the most recent edition of the National Security Legislative Calendar, which we sent out earlier this week.

Headlines (get the skinny on what is being voted on and passed, and paid for by YOU)
Congress returned from the July 4th Recess on July 11th and is in session until August 1st.

ON THE HORIZON: NATIONAL SECURITY LEGISLATIVE ISSUES» Fiscal Year 2006 Commerce, State, Justice and the Judiciary Appropriations Bill

Abstinence Only does not work, and shortchanges our youth

from care2:
It's time to inject some common sense into the sex-ed debate.For years, taxpayer dollars have flooded into unproven abstinence-only programs. And President Bush has just proposed another $38 million increase in his FY 2006 budget for such programs - while no federal program is dedicated to honest and comprehensive sex education.

Take action:

This huge investment in abstinence-only programs conflicts with scientific and medical research, which show that abstinence-only programs have never been proven effective and may result in riskier behavior by teenagers.
The government's focus on abstinence-only programs also runs counter to the preferences of a vast majority of parents, who want their children to receive medically- accurate, age-appropriate sex education. According to a 2004 survey, 94% of Americans think it's appropriate to teach young people about birth control.
Urge you Senators to support the REAL Act sponsored by Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) for responsible sex education:
Thank you for taking action today!